What is the conquest of Istanbul

the conquest of Istanbul; On Tuesday, Might 29, 1453, the Ottoman military, which had been besieging the metropolis for days, captured the metropolis of Constantinople, now often known as Istanbul, by Sultan II. It is the conquest beneath the command of Mehmed Han.


Whereas the Center Ages have been closing with the conquest of Istanbul, it was the starting of the New Age.The Jap Roman Empire, one of the most essential states in historical past, ended with this conquest.


An essential phrase of the Prophet Muhammad about the conquest of Istanbul has taken its place in the historical past books. This promise, which nearly predicted the conquest, gave power to each the sultan and the military in phrases of faith.

“Istanbul will certainly be conquered sooner or later. What an important commander that conquered commander, what an important soldier who conquered it.” The phrase is included in the hadiths.


Massive cannons have been made for use in the siege of Istanbul. A 400-piece navy was ready to help the siege from the sea. A fleet was despatched to the Morea.

After Venice and Genoa, peace agreements have been made with Wallachia, Hungary, Serbia and Karamanoğulları Principality.

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The castles of Misivri, Ahyolu, Vize and Silivri, which have been in the arms of the Byzantine Empire, have been captured throughout the preparation course of. Rumeli Fortress was constructed.

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Fatih Sultan Mehmet, when the siege started 21 years previouswas. He was younger and decided, a assured and decided sultan.

With the begin of the sieges on April 6, 1453, the battle started. The Pope despatched 5 absolutely geared up support ships to Byzantium.

The ships handed the Ottoman navy and entered the Golden Horn. In the meantime, Mehmet the 2nd glided by land to the Golden Horn. 70 piece ship downloaded it.

Ottoman military, siege lasting 53 daysafter 29 Might 1453He conquered Istanbul in .

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