What is the Cabbage Diet? How is it done?

Cabbage or cabbage soup dietis an ideal diet program for those who want to lose weight in a healthy and short time. In the cabbage diet, one of the most popular diets of recent times, with the help of exercise 4-5 kilos in one week it is possible to give. It is known that this diet, more precisely, cabbage soup is used to work quickly the metabolism of patients who will undergo surgery and to lose their excess weight in a short time. Dada then became widespread and became a biçim of diet used by people who are healthy but not satisfied with their weight.

Many of the shock diets claimed to cause rapid weight loss are attractive to women who complain of excess weight. Although it is possible to lose weight in a short time in diets that are generally based on a single nutrient, the removal of edema and water in the body during the diet can be misleading as it gives the feeling of weight loss. One of these diet types is the cabbage diet. As with many issues, the first question that comes to mind here is whether the diet is healthy or not.

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In order for the cabbage diet to be said to be healthy, the application process It should not be longer than a week. Many ingredients in the cabbage soup recipe consist of vegetables that are very beneficial for human health. This makes cabbage soup an extremely healthy and beneficial soup. However, including cabbage soup in a daily meal and avoiding weight-bearing foods will take the biçim of a diet that will permanently lose weight. Otherwise, 5 kilos lost in a short time will return twice.

What is the Cabbage Diet?

What is the Cabbage Diet?Cabbage diet, which özgü been very popular recently, cabbage soup It is one of the shock diets made with. It is one of the diets that provide rapid weight loss by consuming cabbage soup at meals for a week.

Mayo Clinic Before starting the cabbage diet, also known as diet, we recommend that you go to a doctor and have your blood and hormone values ​​measured. In fact, you should do this before starting any diet program. Because when you know the düzgüsel values ​​of your body, you can easily determine what kind of side effects you have during dieting and whether they affect you positively or negatively.

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Although many experts do not recommend the cabbage diet due to adherence to a single nutrient, the news that celebrities lose weight with the cabbage diet are on television, causing many people to find the cabbage diet safe. Regular to lose weight in a healthy way without rushing to lose weight nutrition and exercise These are the most important situations to be considered.

The cabbage diet is mainly about consuming plenty of healing cabbage soup. This diet, which is strong and accelerates fat burning, will allow you to gain the weight you want in a short time. However, as we mentioned in every article in the slimming category, you should not expect to lose weight by dieting alone, but also help this process with light exercises.

How to Make Cabbage Soup Diet?

How to Make Cabbage Soup Diet?The soup recipe made by combining various ingredients, mainly vegetable cabbage, is an indispensable element of the cabbage diet. Accordingly, in the material list;

• 1 tomato
• 5 onions
• 1 medium cabbage
• 1 pinch of parsley
• 1 celery
• 1 carrot (optional)

Preparation of Cabbage Soup; Cabbage and vegetables are cut into small pieces and boiled in a deep saucepan. After the boiling materials begin to soften, the bottom of the stove is turned down and left to boil for the materials to soften completely.

After it reaches the consistency of a soup, it should be drunk one bowl a day. In addition to the consumption of cabbage soup, it is necessary to be careful to drink plenty of water and drink the soup for 7 days without interruption. The effective part of this diet is Stably for 7 days It is the drinking of soup.

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We would like to briefly talk about the general features and benefits of the ingredients in the soup we have given the recipe. Because if you know the benefits of the ingredients you add to your soup, you can prepare it more consciously and get more efficient results.

First of all, let’s start with our main ingredient, cabbage. CabbageSince it is a very low calorie vegetable, we can use it as much as you want. Being rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc is another feature that makes it valuable. Cabbage, which is very good for brain health, provides protection against the risk of cancer, makes the body resistant to infections, is good for the eyes, helps to weaken, protects heart health and liver, regulates blood pressure, is good for the digestive system, özgü antioxidant properties, skin diseases such as eczema. is good for skin problems and above all strengthens the immune system.

Tomato, which özgü antioxidant properties, is one of the most important foods that fight cancer. It is known to protect especially against prostate cancer. In addition, it regulates blood pressure, protects against cardiovascular diseases, provides a bright and vivid skin, removes constipation, is good for diabetes, protects the liver, helps to lose weight and prevents cholesterol.

Another vegetable in our soup, onion It also plays a very important role in lowering cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular diseases, balancing blood sugar, regulating the digestive system and protecting stomach health. It is also a very important vegetable that özgü a very antibiotic effect.

Let’s come to celery… Containing intense water, celery is very effective in repairing cells. It özgü a rich content of iron, magnesium and potassium. It is a great choice for losing weight. You can add celery, which contains very low calories, to your cabbage soup as much as you want.

Having the ability to clean the kidneys parsley It helps to remove toxins from the body during the diet. It also reduces edema swelling, which is a common sorun for many people. In this way, it provides extra weight loss. It is good for skin health, improves digestion and prevents cancer.

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Finally, in our soup carrot Let’s give brief information about. Carrot balances blood pressure, is good for stomach diseases, cleans bacteria in the mouth, reduces the risk of paralysis, improves eye health and removes fatigue.

What are the Benefits of the Cabbage Diet?

What are the Benefits of the Cabbage Diet?Besides unhealthy diets that lose weight fast, a rich soup with vegetables The cabbage diet made within the scope of it is one of the diets that are likely to be beneficial when supplemented with plenty of water consumption. In addition, with this diet, which does not deprive many of the vegetables in snacks, the vitamins that the body needs throughout the day are met in sufficient amount and side effects such as fatigue and exhaustion are not seen in the dieting person.

In order to benefit from the fast weight loss feature of this diet, it is necessary to take care to drink cabbage soup for 7 days. Of cabbage diuretic It özgü many benefits such as removing toxins as well provides.

What Are the Harms of the Cabbage Diet?

What Are the Harms of the Cabbage Diet?All experts and dieticians recommend that those who want to lose weight should lose weight permanently in a healthy way instead of losing weight fast. The cabbage diet, as a diet that attracts the attention of women of all ages, provides 5 kilograms in a week.

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At this point, even though it seems possible to lose weight in a short time thanks to cabbage soup, so much weight can disappear from the body. weakness of the body and even more serious problems. For this reason, in order to benefit from the debilitating effect of cabbage soup, the diet process must be spread over a period of more than 1 week.

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