What is the Asian Tiger Mosquito, how can it be detected? Even a single bite hurts…

As the battle in opposition to coronavirus continues, seasonal illnesses proceed to come back to the fore.

With the enhance in air temperatures, there is a rise in fly populations. Nevertheless, the photos that emerged as a results of mosquito bites in Istanbul anxious the residents.

The fly species decided to be the Asian Tiger Mosquito can trigger wounds as a results of its bites.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito, which originates from Southeast Asia and can carry many illnesses, attracts consideration as one among the most invasive species. After the mosquito sucks blood, excessive allergic reactions can happen.

So what is the Asian Tiger Mosquito and how to differentiate it? What ought to be completed as a results of its bite? Here is what it’s worthwhile to know…


Asian tiger mosquito or Aedes albopictus; It is a bloodsucking mosquito species native to Southeast Asia, which can be distinguished from different species by the white stripes on its physique and legs. This mosquito species can feed on animals reminiscent of canines and birds, particularly people.

Particularly lately, as a results of the transportation of intercontinental customs items and the growth of transportation services, the Asian tiger mosquito has unfold not solely to Southeast Asia, but in addition to different Western nations, particularly Europe.

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It has been introduced that Asian Tiger Mosquito instances are excessive in Beykoz, Sarıyer, Zeytinburnu and Arnavutköy in Istanbul.

The most important purpose why the Asian tiger mosquito is harmful for well being is that some severe viral infections are more likely to be transmitted to people by the bite of this mosquito.


  • Their our bodies and legs are black, with white spots on their knuckles.
  • They’re extra energetic throughout the day.
  • No whistling is heard.
  • The fly repellants you understand will not work.
  • The locations they sting could swell and change into a wound.

What is the Asian Tiger Mosquito, how can it be detected?  Even a single bite hurts... #2


The strategies that can be taken personally in opposition to this mosquito can be listed as follows:

• In areas the place this mosquito is frequent, the time spent outdoors ought to be restricted.

• Mosquito repellent merchandise can be used to maintain Asian tiger mosquitoes away. It is an vital criterion that these merchandise can be used safely by pregnant people. Nevertheless, these merchandise mustn’t be utilized to areas reminiscent of fingers, eyes, mouth in youngsters and mustn’t be utilized on open wounds.

•Lengthy and thick garments ought to be most well-liked to guard the legs and arms.

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•The highest of the strollers ought to be lined with a internet or a protecting cowl to forestall mosquitoes from coming in.

• Garments ought to be washed at excessive temperature and disinfected with parasitic pesticides reminiscent of permethrin. Nevertheless, pores and skin contact of permethrin ought to be prevented and the directions to be used ought to be adopted.

• Mosquito nets ought to be put in on doorways and home windows to forestall mosquitoes from coming into the home.

• Air flow strategies ought to be most well-liked in order that mosquitoes can not enter inside the home. As well as, it is of nice significance to decide on inns the place these air flow strategies are used throughout journey.

What is the Asian Tiger Mosquito, how can it be detected?  Even a single bite hurts... #3

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