What is the ant prayer, why is it read? Is there a prayer called the ant prayer? Ant prayer reading and meaning

Muslims typically seek for prayer recitations and meanings for abundance, fertility and peace. It is potential to come back throughout particularly ant prayer in workplaces and houses.

The story, reading and meaning of the ant prayer is investigated occasionally by the Islamic world.

The actual identify of the ant prayer, which we often see hanging in the commerce homes, is the prayer of fertility. The principle purpose why it is often known as the ant prayer amongst the individuals is as a result of the ant in the story of this prayer.

The reasons about the ant prayer from the Presidency of Spiritual Affairs are additionally being investigated.

So what is the ant prayer, why is it learn? Is there a prayer called the ant prayer? What is the recitation and meaning of the prayer in your spouse? Listed here are the particulars..


Ant prayer; There is no prayer called ant prayer in dependable spiritual sources. As it is recognized, St. One in every of Solomon’s miracles is that he can discuss to animals.

In response to the legend; Hz. It is believed to be an ant’s prayer for rain throughout the drought skilled throughout the reign of Solomon (pbuh). This prayer is called “ant prayer” as a result of the ant makes it.

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The ant prayer, which is one among the prayers that has develop into well-known amongst the individuals, reveals that our Prophet (pbuh) didn’t recite such a prayer after we have a look at the spiritual sources.

Nonetheless, in the content material of the prayer, appeals to Allah and requests for blessings are conveyed, the expressions in the prayer are primarily based on verses and hadiths. For that reason, spiritual students say that there is no hurt in reciting or carrying this prayer.

In the assertion made by the Presidency of Spiritual Affairs about the ant prayer; “Though there is no hurt in reading the prayer in query, which doesn’t include a side opposite to faith, it is not incorrect to learn this prayer to Hz. It is religiously permissible to grasp it as a hadith transmitted from the Prophet (saas) and to learn or use it for revenue. it is not permissible phrases are included.

Hz. It is talked about in the Qur’an that Solomon (as) spoke with ants. However such a prayer doesn’t cross.

What is the ant prayer, why is it read?  Is there a prayer called the ant prayer?  Ant prayer recitation and meaning #2


“O Allahumma Ya Rabbi Jabrâîle wa Mikaile wa Israfil wa Azrâile ve Ibrahima and Ismaile and Ishaka and Yakube and munziel barakati vet Torah vez-Zebûri wal Incili wal Furkan. Muhammedü-Rasülullahi sadikul va’dil certain. Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi, Ya Hayyu, Ya Kayyum, Ya zel Celali wal İkram. Es’elüke ya Rabbel archil azimi en yerzukani rizkan halalen tayyiben birahmetike ya erhamer Rahimin. Yemliha, Mekseline, Mislina, Mernuş, Debernuş, Şazenuş, Kefetatayush, Kıtmir.”


“O Gabriel, Mikail, Israfilin, Azrailin, Ibrahim Ismailin, Isaac and Jacob’s Lord, my God, O my Lord, who despatched down the blessings, the Torah, the Psalms, the Bible and the Qur’an. Energy and may belong solely to Allah, the Nice and Exalted. There is no different god. The Prophet Muhammad, devoted and certain of his phrase, is the Messenger of Allah. O my Lord, O Lord, O dwelling and mighty, O majestic and honorable! I ask you to supply for us, by your mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful! Debernuş, Şazenuş, Kefeştetayyuş, Kıtmir, Yemliha, Mekselina, Mislina, Mernuş (names of the Companions of Kehfin).”

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What is the ant prayer, why is it read?  Is there a prayer called the ant prayer?  Ant prayer recitation and meaning #3

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