What is tanatology

Thanatology, in medical phrases, is “the examine of dying, a technique and investigation of indicators that reliably show that dying has occurred with a purpose to resolve that reanimation is pointless”.


The origin of the phrase tanatology is Greek. In Greek mythology, the particular person representing dying is Thanatos (θάνατος: “dying”), the incarnation of dying.

In line with the science of Thanatology, which research dying, dying happens in three phases: It is organic, social and psychological dying.


Typically phrases, thanatology contains investigating numerous conditions prompted or resulting in dying, inspecting the grief and related experiences skilled by the family members of the deceased, and, extra broadly, inspecting and describing the attitudes of the society in the direction of dying.

Thanatology, an interdisciplinary science, is usually undertaken by specialists in nursing, psychiatry and veterinary sciences.


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