What is Sumac? How to use? What Are the Benefits and Side Effects?

In the world of science rhus, sumac, rhus coriaria known by their names sumac; It is one of the sine qua non of Turkish cuisine. The plant, which özgü the appearance of a bush, özgü a slender body. Located approximately 150 species of sumac are grown in different areas in almost every region in Turkey. Likewise, the intensity of use varies from region to region.

While it is impossible to know each of the 150 species, it should be noted that some may be dangerous. For this reason, when you want to collect sumac, it will be useful to go with people who know at least the poisonous ones. Otherwise, you may face negative consequences in a short time. Sumac, whose leaves and fruits are used separately, is generally spice It is used in the construction.

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Fruits entering the growing period as green turn red when ripe. They resemble lentils in terms of their size and shape. It is also possible to buy sumac spice, which is frequently used as a source of healing and deliciousness, as one can make himself.

What is Sumac?

Pistachios Sumac, which is a member of its family, is a type of tree that can grow up to 3 meters in length. Since the tallest sumac tree is around 3 meters, it is more correct to say that it is in the biçim of a dwarf tree or bush. The deciduous sumac plant özgü toothed and hairy leaves in winter. These leaves are together with the fruit in the autumn season. to red rotates. Sumac, which is dried and used as a spice, also takes its place in almost every meal due to its healing properties.

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However, sumac adds color to meals is also known. Sour taste Sumac is preferred when lemon is not used in dishes or salads. The most common types of sumac, which özgü 150 species, in our country; It is a leather and dye sumac. It is useful to buy sums, some of which can be poisonous, from reliable herbalists or markets in the biçim of packages.

Where is Sumac Grown?

Homeland Arab Peninsula, which is sumac, Turkey, India, is grown in southern European countries. In particular, the Arabian Peninsula and the world by delivering the sumac Turkey özgü widespread use. In Turkey mostly in the Mediterranean Region The cultivated sumac plant is also frequently grown in the Aegean Region and Marmara Region. Sumac, when the appropriate conditions are met can be grown in many of Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia Region is the only exception. Sumac is not produced in this region due to the harsh climatic conditions.

How to Use Sumac?

The most common use of sumac is as a spice. Especially after the spice is given in salads It is known to be used frequently. Apart from that, those looking for a sour taste in their meals can also get the taste they want with sumac. The use of sumac, which özgü an appetizing feature, in meals will help you to taste more. Sumac, which is also used as an alternative medicine besides food, is perfect for colds.

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When you feel any burning or pain in your throat as a result of a cold, you can prepare sumac tea by mixing it with thyme. It will remove your malaise and weakness. Sumac, which is good for gum diseases, is preferred for many problems in the medical world. However, it is also known to prevent mouth odors. Click to get information about the causes and treatment of bad breath.

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How to Make Sumac Tea?

Sumac tea; It is a tea that helps the person get rid of urinary tract infections, kidney stones and stomach problems. It is also very easy to make tea, which gives a positive return within two weeks if drunk regularly. 1 tablespoon sumac 500 ml cold water Stir into it. After the mixing process is completed, bring the water to a boil. After boiling the water for 1 more minute on the stove, strain it. Then you can drink it when it’s warm. Only one glass a day Sumac tea, which should be consumed, can also be consumed cold. You can keep it in cold water for a few minutes without boiling and drink it after straining. It is important that you do not neglect the filtering process. Otherwise, the spice will irritate your stomach.

How to Make Sumac Gargle?

Sumac mouthwash is one of the most suitable mouthwashes for people with bleeding gums. Gargling will be very beneficial for the gums to recover and look healthier. In addition, you should remember that you should definitely brush your teeth before using the sumac mouthwash. Mix 1 teaspoon of sumac in 200 ml of water. Then filter the purple water from sumac. In your mouth 1-1.5 minutes you can spit it out after it stops. Use the water in the glass with the mouthwash technique, both morning and night.

What Are the Benefits of Sumac?

In order to get the benefits of sumac correctly, the technique of using it is very important. We have just explained how to use sumac in different ways. For example, it is best to use mouthwash for mouth sores. For colds or intestinal problems, you should make tea and consume it. Accordingly, the most well-known benefits of sumac are:

  • The most well-known benefit of sumac indigestion is the remedy. If you consume a teaspoon of sumac when there is any sorun in your digestive system, you can easily digest what you eat.
  • Apart from that, sumac, which is very good for the excretory system, diarrhea sorun When it happens, it can be a solution in a short time.
  • Sumac, which will regulate your urinary system, will also help increase your appetite.
  • Sumac, which is good for incontinence, is also an effective spice on blood flow.
  • It is known to be useful in accidents with its ability to stop bleeding.
  • Gum diseases and mouth sores are the same.
  • It lowers blood sugar and balances it.
  • Thanks to its sour taste appetite.
  • It is useful in poisoning cases.
  • It özgü protective properties against cancer due to its antioxidant effect.
  • It is good for sore throats.
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What Are the Side Effects of Sumac?

Sumac is a spice that causes irritation in the stomach and intestines when overused. For this reason, the spice or tea should be used in a certain dosage during the day. Excessive use of sumac, heartburn causes. It also causes constipation and burning during toileting. Since it özgü a sour feature, blood pressure patients should consume more carefully. In addition to all this, there are also poisonous types of sumac. For this reason, it is very important to be careful when consuming and to buy from reliable places.

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