What is Sudocrem? What Does It Do? What are the benefits?

What is a sudocrem? What? What are the benefits? Side effects and users; Produced to alleviate diaper rash, Sudocrem is currently used for zinc etc. Contains. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, it is a cream that is frequently used in the treatment of acne, burns and wounds.
An extremely powerful antiseptic, Sudocrem instantly eliminates the inflammation that causes acne and acne. This product, which acts very well in the treatment of cystic acne, shrinks even large acne in a short time.

At the same time, when used regularly, it lightens the color of sun spots, freckles, dark brown spots and purifies the skin from these spots.

What is Sudocrem briefly in this article? What does Sudocrem do? We would like to answer the question and then touch on how to use this cream.

Details you need to know about this famous cream:

What is a sudocrem? What?

Sudocrem containing benzyl benzoate, purified water, zinc oxide, benzyl phenyl methanol B in its components; Since its first discovery in 1931, it has been preferred by mothers to relieve irritation, sores and cracks caused by diaper rash.

Produced as a baby care cream, Sudocrem is not only used in the treatment of diaper rash today.

Many women buy this cream to treat wounds and burns on the skin and to relieve skin irritations.

With its itch relief function, Sudocrem soothes irritated skin and maintains the skin’s moisture balance.

It is especially good for post-operative pressure sores due to immobility.

What are the benefits of Sudocrem?

We can summarize the advantages of regular use of this cream as follows:

  • When applied to the skin, Sudocrem penetrates quickly and acts as a protective shield to the skin; Avoid contact of urine with babies’ skin and minimize diaper rash. It also treats existing diaper rash.
  • Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, it eliminates acne and acne when applied to acne and pimples.
  • This cream you can use in the treatment of wounds and burns; It prevents the worsening of wounds and burns, and quickly heals these wounds and burns.
  • When applied to sun spots and dark brown spots on the skin, it lightens the skin color at least a few tones and removes the spots.
  • When applied to the area where wax and wax are applied, it causes irritation and redness.
  • When applied to the psoriasis and eczema area, it prevents redness, itching and redness.
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In short, this product, which is sold as a baby cream in pharmacies and on the internet, can be used for many different purposes in skin care.

Sudocrem Price

Sudocrem diaper cream is available for a very economical price. However, the price may vary depending on the weight of the product.

Prices on the Internet; It can start from 20 TL and go up to 80 TL. However, when buying this cream, you should be careful not to buy counterfeit products, so you should make sure that you buy this cream safely.

Sudocrem 400 gr Pharmacy price

We can say that the pharmacy price of this product is 85 TL on average. As we mentioned earlier, you can find the product at a more affordable price in Internet online pharmacies.

Side effects of Sudocrem

This product has no side effects when used as a diaper rash cream.

Although it does not cause serious harm when used for other purposes, it may cause some side effects in people who are hypersensitive to the product components.

Irritation, burning, pain, and redness of the skin; It is one of the rare side effects.

If you experience one or more of the above side effects, you should stop using the cream. Nausea, vomiting, etc. In cases of allergic reactions, you should immediately consult a specialist.

WARNING: Apply this oily cream on your face; It can cause excessive acne and oily skin. You should apply this cream not on the entire face, but on the acne where bacteria are concentrated. If the pimples on your face are severe, you should not stop consulting your doctor for the treatment of inflamed acne.

Sudocrem users

When we look at user reviews on the Internet, we often see that mothers apply this cream to the diaper area of ​​their babies and benefit from this product in the treatment of diaper rash.

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We also found the product that eczema and psoriasis patients prefer in the treatment of wounds and burns.

We can see the experiences of users who express a good result of this cream in the treatment of acne and acne in the blogs and comments made under the product.

Cream; It can be preferred by both men and women as an anti-itch product.

You can apply this cream on skin spots, sunburn, sun spots, pimples and acne; After a few months of regular use, you can get rid of your skin problem.

Is Sudocrem applied to the face?

You can use this product to treat acne and acne, spots, wounds and burns on the face.

However, since it has an extremely oily and dense texture, you should apply this cream not to your face every day, but only to the problematic area. After answering the question of whether sudocrem is applied to the face, I want to answer the question of whether sudocrem causes hair growth.

How to use sudocrem?

You should apply the product to the problem area as a thin layer twice a day. If possible, you should apply the cream to your skin before going to bed at night.

The next day, you can rinse your face with plenty of warm water.

For best results, you should use the product regularly until you get rid of your skin problem.

You should make sure that you leave the cream on your face for at least two hours.

Sudocreams types

I want to give you information about Sudo cream varieties;

  • Sodocrem diaper cream
  • Sudocrem baby care cream
  • Sudocrem skin care cream
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Does Sudocrem moisturize the skin?

The sweat cream, which is very beneficial for the skin, moisturizes the skin and keeps it moist throughout the day.

Does Sudocrem whiten the skin?

Those who use sudo cream skin care cream regularly said that it lightens the skin tone and whitens the skin.

Is Sudocrem smeared on the lips?

You can apply Sudocrem on the lips. You can apply Sudocrem on dry, chapped and worn lips.

Is Sudocrem good for cracks?

You can reduce and eliminate the appearance of stretch marks by using sudocrem for stretch marks that occur after childbirth or after a weight change.

Is Sudocrem under custody?

Do not apply to thin and sensitive under eye and eye contour. Applying under the eyes and around the eyes may cause allergies.

Is Sudocrem used every day?

It is absolutely not recommended to use the cream every day. Especially when sudocrem diaper rash cream is used every day, it causes redness and irritation on the skin.

Can you take Sudocrem without a prescription?

You can buy the cream at the pharmacy without a prescription. Although the cream is prescribed for you, it is not covered by the government.

Is Sudocrem rubbed into the vagina?

The question of whether Sudocrem is applied to the vijina or to the genital area is often asked by those who want to apply this question to the genital area. You can use the cream for irritation, redness and diaper rash in the genital area.

In this article, we try to inform you about Sudocrem.

If you have used or used this product before, you can write your user experiences in the comments section of our article and share your suggestions with our valuable followers.

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