What is Stafine Cream? What Does It Do? How to use?

What is Stafine Cream? What? How to use? Staphine cream used in the treatment of many skin inflammations; As a powerful antibiotic, it dries out inflammation and restores skin health.
Stafine cream, which has the power to destroy the inflammation caused by sensitive microorganisms in a short time; It prevents bacteria from settling, multiplying and spreading to the skin.

Stafine cream is perfect for inflamed wounds and abscesses; It shows success especially in the treatment of acne, namely inflamed acne.

What is Stafine cream in this article? What does Stafine cream do? We will try to answer your questions and mention the most important points you should pay attention to when using this cream:

Here are the details you need to know about this cream;

What is Stafine Cream?

Staphine cream that quickly penetrates bacteria and destroys them; As a powerful antibacterial cream, doctors prescribe it to treat skin problems caused by organisms sensitive to fusidic acid.

The ingredients in this cream, which contains 20 mg of fusidic acid as active ingredient in each gram, are potassium sorbate, purified water, cetyl alcohol, hydrochloric acid, liquid petroleum jelly, 100% glycerol, polysorbate 60 and Vaseline flant N.

Stafine cream, one of the most effective antibiotic creams, is available for sale in aluminum tubes of 15 or 20 grams.

What does Stafine cream do? What are the benefits?

The most important benefits of using Stafine cream, which skin diseases it treats can be briefly listed as follows:

  • It treats skin infections and skin problems caused by bacteria.
  • Eliminate inflamed acne and hair root inflammation in a short time.
  • It heals the inflammation seen at the base of the beard in men.
  • It is prescribed for the treatment of inflammatory eczema.
  • The pus filled from the skin dries up.
  • Treat and heal abscesses at the onset of inflammation.
  • It treats pronounced entanglement disease characterized by separation of the skin from the nail.
  • It treats erythrase disease, one of the infectious skin diseases.
  • It is prescribed for the treatment of inflammation of sweat glands such as hydradenitis.
  • Remove red or brown spots in the underarm area and inner thighs.

Briefly Stafine cream; inflammatory eczema, acne, obvious tangles, etc. It shows success in the treatment of many skin problems.

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How to use Stafine cream?

To get the best results from using this cream and to avoid side effects, you should use it with advice and a prescription.

Before using the cream, you should clean the area where you will apply the cream with plenty of water. Therefore, you should definitely apply the cream to your clean skin.

You should apply the cream to the problem area of ​​your skin with light and gentle movements in a thin layer with a small amount of fingertips.

Unless your doctor has prescribed the cream differently, you should apply it to your skin lesions 2-3 times a day.

Things to consider when using Stafine Cream:

The details you should pay attention to when using this cream can be summarized as follows:

  • If you are hypersensitive to fusidic acid or any of the other ingredients in the cream, you should never use this cream.
  • You should not apply this cream to wounds that have not yet healed.
  • ‘Pseudomonas aeruginosa’ etc. Has. You should not use this cream if you have a skin problem caused by sensitive organisms.
  • You should not use this cream to treat skin infections around the eyes.
  • You should be careful that the cream does not come into contact with mucous areas such as eyes, nose and mouth.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding; You should never stop consulting your doctor before using this cream.
  • If you regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications; Before treatment, you should inform your doctor about all the medicines you use.
  • When using the cream, you should not overdose and try to take double doses to compensate for forgotten doses. Otherwise, you may experience serious side effects.

Stafine Cream Price

This cream, which you need to use with a prescription, is covered by the SGK. So you don’t have to pay any fees.

When you want to buy this cream without a prescription, you can buy it from pharmacies for an average of 12.5 TL.

However, we recommend that you use this cream together with the prescription to avoid side effects.

Is Stafine cream used for acne?

Stafine cream; It is prescribed for the treatment of inflamed acne. So this cream can be used to treat acne.

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Can Stafine cream be used for redness?

Stafine cream; It is not prescribed for the treatment of diaper rash. It has no antihistamine content and does not have the function of relieving itching and redness.

Is Stafine cream used for mushrooms?

Stafin cream is not used to treat fungi. It is also not prescribed for this purpose. If you have a fungal problem, you should not stop seeing your doctor for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Use of Stafine Cream in infants:

There is no reason to prevent this cream from being used in children and babies. However, you should definitely consult your doctor to adjust the dose.

Can Stafine Cream be applied to the face?

This cream can be applied to the problem area of ​​the face. However, you should avoid applying this cream all over your skin.

You should especially be careful not to touch this cream around the eyes.

Is Stafine cream applied to the genital area?

Although stafin is used in the genital area, the cream is only used on the doctor’s recommendation when there is a problem in the genital area.

All questions about Stafine cream

Can you buy Stafine cream without a prescription?

You can buy this prescription cream from the pharmacy when your doctor prescribes it for you. If the cream is prescribed, the state turns it off.

Is staphine cream applied to the open wound?

Never apply this cream to open wounds or burns.

Have you put stafine cream on your nose?

Stafine cream should never be applied to the nose. Never apply to the nose unless your doctor tells you to.

Staphine cream applied to lips?

Stafine cream is never applied to the lips. It is not a suitable cream to be applied to the lips.

Can breastfeeding mothers use it?

Nursing mothers cannot use this cream without consulting a doctor.

Is Stafine cream used under and around the eyes?

Applying staphine cream under the eyes and around the eyes can cause irritation.

Is Stafine Cream Good For Herpes?

Stafine cream is not used for herpes. Never apply this cream to the cold sore area.

Stafine Cream Users:

When we look at the comments of those who use this cream on blogs and on the Internet, we see that the users are quite satisfied with the cream.

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We witness that many people use this cream especially for acne and acne treatment. Users say that the cream dries up inflammation in a short time and regains their skin’s health and vitality.

In the comments, it is stated that this cream is also successful in hair root inflammation.

However, since everyone’s skin sensitivity is different, you should consult your doctor before using this cream.

Side effects of Stafine cream:

Use of this cream; When using the cream, some side effects may occur in people who overdose, have sensitive skin types and are allergic to the ingredients of the cream.

We can summarize these side effects as follows:

Serious Side Effects:

  • Swelling of hands, ankles, feet, throat, lips, face. Especially the swelling of the mouth and throat area makes breathing difficult.
  • Difficulty breathing

This cream is among the serious side effects that can have fatal consequences. These effects indicate that you have a severe allergy to cream and fusidic acid.

Since side effects require urgent medical attention, you should not waste time and go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.

Mild side effects:

  • Stinging and burning sensation in the skin.
  • Dry skin
  • Acne
  • Skin irritation
  • Urticaria
  • Percentage of blush
  • Swelling around the eyes

It is one of the mild side effects of this cream. When you experience these side effects, you should consult your doctor. By following your doctor’s instructions, you can reduce the frequency of use of the cream or stop it completely.

Stafine cream in its own container, out of reach of your children, 25 C should be stored below room temperature.

You should use the cream according to its expiry date and avoid using creams whose packaging is torn or you notice a strange texture.

In this article, we are trying to tell you about Stafine cream.

If you have treated this cream before or are currently using this cream; You can write your user experiences in the comments section of our article and share your opinions with our valuable followers.

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