What is silviculture ?

Silviculture, a phrase of Latin origin, means rising forests. It is fashioned by combining the phrases “silva (forest)” and “cultura (cultivation)”.

The department of science that offers with the deliberate institution of latest forests and their cultivation, upkeep, rejuvenation and continuation of their existence in one of the simplest ways with the naturally present forests is referred to as ‘silviculture’.


Silviculture, which is based mostly on the deliberate forestry strategy, goals to create the best high quality and multi-faceted merchandise from the forest with much less price, and to create productive forests which are immune to exterior results, which can continually meet the forest merchandise want of the nation’s economic system.

The sustainability of forests is ensured by way of silvicultural practices and their operation is carried out in a method that may fulfill the decided duties.

Silvicultural practices begin from the institution of the forest, proceed with upkeep (youth, density upkeep, spacing) and finish with rejuvenation works.

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After we have a look at the historic improvement of silviculture research in Turkey, within the first years of the republic, there was a interval of irregular choice administration with a give attention to safety in opposition to the cibal-i mubaha mentality within the countryside.

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With the beginning of the deliberate improvement interval in 1963, plans had been made for the environment friendly use of all forests in Turkey between 1963 and 1972, and thus silvicultural processes started to be applied in Turkey’s forests as properly.

Because of the analysis research initiated by the Forestry Schools and Forestry Analysis Institutes within the final 30 years and the rise within the data and expertise of the technical employees, at this time, rejuvenation research and upkeep works that enhance the standard of forests are carried out efficiently as a requirement of sustainable forest administration.


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