What is Sikhism ?

At solely 500 years outdated, Sikhism is the fifth largest faith. It is recognized that 25 million folks consider in Sikhism, a faith believed in virtually all international locations of the world.

Sikhism is the youngest of the world’s 5 largest religions, and believers determine themselves as Sikhs. It is recognized that roughly 500 thousand Sikhs dwell in america alone and roughly 25 million in the entire world.

Guru Nanak is the founding father of the Sikhism faith, which emerged within the 1,500s within the northern a part of historical Punjab, also referred to as part of Pakistan.

Guru Nanak is recognized for rejecting the Hindu philosophy during which he was introduced up. In his sermons, Nanak opposed the caste system by saying that folks have been equal and refused to take part in Hindu rituals. All through his life, Nanak traveled from village to village, condemning the idea of ‘Gods and Goddesses’ wherever he went, and defends that there is just one God.

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The scripture of the Sikh faith is the Guru Granth Sahib, however is described by Sikhs as a dwelling guru moderately than a e book.

This 1430-page e book consists of the phrases of the founders of the Sikh faith, in addition to the leaders of Muslim and Hinduism.

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In accordance with Sikhism, God is one. This perception categorically rejects polytheistic religions. In accordance with this faith, all persons are thought of equal.

There are 5 evils that every one Sikhs should defeat and purify. Sikhs who consider in Sikhism should first defeat these 5 evils inside themselves. These 5 evils are as follows:

Anger, ego, materials attachment, greed, and lust


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