What is siesta ?

Siesta is a phrase used to imply nap and afternoon nap.

Siesta is an idea used to explain some type of exercise. It is outlined as a brief nap, normally after lunch.

It is utilized in Latin international locations corresponding to Spain and Mexico, that are near the Mediterranean local weather.


Particularly in summer time, when the solar comes at a proper angle at midday, he prefers to relaxation and sleep as a substitute of strolling on the streets.

It is seen that siesta, which is a type of short-term nap, has a optimistic impact on working life.

Some giant firms supply workers the chance to sleep at work, believing that daytime sleep improves efficiency. A room within the Massachusetts workplace of pc program maker HubSpot is stuffed with hammocks. Staff can use this room as a lot as they need. Firm officers state that daytime sleep has a optimistic impact on workers and is not abused.

Analysis exhibits that the perfect time to take a nap in the course of the day is between 14.00 and 16.00 within the afternoon. It is acknowledged that in an effort to absolutely profit from this sleep, it is essential to sleep for 60-90 minutes.

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Siesta begins at 13:00. This is applicable to all locations besides hospitals. At this hour, shopkeepers additionally sleep for about thirty minutes. This era might differ in some areas.

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