What is shamisen

Resembling fretless guitars in look, the shamisen has an oblong physique referred to as a do. This instrument, which is coated with leather-based on the back and front, is performed with the assistance of a plectrum referred to as bachi.


The shamisen, a three-stringed instrument, was invented within the southern areas of Japan within the sixteenth century.

This instrument, which got here to life in Japanese theater, will be performed individually or as a gaggle. Historically performed by males, the shamisen is accompanied by songs referred to as naguata.


The shamisen, which was performed with a big and heavy plectrum made from ivory or tortoiseshell in historical occasions, is usually performed with wood plectrums in the present day.

What is shamisen #2

The shamisen, which is much like the banjo, an American folks music instrument by way of sound similarity, is performed by putting each the strings and the leather-covered physique of the plectrum. These beats additionally make the shamise a percussion instrument.


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