What is seismic wave

Within the occasion of an earthquake or explosion that happens within the floor, an enormous quantity of power is launched.

Whereas a few of this power is used for the deformation of rocks by faulting; the rest propagates within the type of elastic waves, relying on the properties of the medium.

These elastic waves, often called seismic waves, propagate in numerous methods in all instructions, away from the supply as a result of breaking and faulting that creates the earthquake.


Two principal forms of waves happen throughout an earthquake. These are physique and floor waves. Whereas physique waves journey via the earth, propagating from the supply in all instructions, floor waves propagate parallel to the floor of virtually each earth.

There are two fundamental physique waves. In different phrases, when an earthquake happens, two forms of movement waves attain the earth respectively.

These; It is P-wave and S-wave.


The P-wave, or precursor wave, is the title given to vibrations parallel to the earth’s floor.

Whereas the P-wave is not harmful, it is the primary vibration to succeed in the earth as a result of its propagation is parallel.

The S-wave is the secondary wave. It strikes perpendicular to the bottom floor.

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P and S waves journey at 5 to fifteen km/s in accordance with the medium they go via. S-waves journey at half the velocity of P-waves. The velocity of earthquake waves relies on the density of the medium via which they go.

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