What is scopolamine ?

Scopolamine, which makes the mind’s will uncontrolled, is a sleep-inducing drug. Scopolamine is derived from the datura plant and works even when blown onto the face.

The substance referred to as scopolamine, obtained from the datura plant of Latin American origin, is a type of drug.

The plant, often known as pipe grass in Turkey, is grown in gardens as a decorative plant, and its different title is datura.

Satan’s Apple, Satan’s Grass, Hell Bell, and the names Satan’s Trumpet and Angel’s Trumpet, Angel’s Trumpet as a consequence of its snare-shaped flower are used to fluctuate in keeping with the areas.

What is scopolamine #1


If the leaves of this plant, which is fairly objectionable, are boiled and drunk, a hallucination state of 6-7 hours happens.

Lengthy-term contact is required for scopolamine, which doesn’t have a deadly impact until taken orally and inhaled into the lungs, to affect the pores and skin.

The plant, which is utilized in varied fields in drugs as a consequence of its spasm-relieving impact, has an odorless and tasteless construction.

What is scopolamine #2

USE SCAMS OR thieves

The substance, which can be utilized in powder kind, is usually utilized by fraud or theft to make the particular person unconscious.


Typically, the impact of the substance used to drive folks into prostitution begins to point out itself inside 20 minutes.

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What is scopolamine #3


It is additionally claimed that scopolamine, which has a deadly impact in excessive doses as a consequence of its impact on the central nervous system, is utilized by secret organizations for brainwashing.


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