What is rebab

Rebap, a kind of footed violin, is a string instrument originating from the Central Asian Turks.

Rebab, which has unfold with minor adjustments from Pakistan and India to Iran, Anatolia and Arabian geography, might be with a bow or a plectrum.


Rebap is referred to as in some ways akin to Turkish rebab, Egyptian rebab, Maghrib rebab, Iraqi rebab, Indonesian rebab, Uyghur rebab, Afghan rebab, Pakistani rebab (robotic, robab, rabob).

This instrument, which is typically 3-stringed, additionally has an necessary place in Mevlevi.


Though the rebap, which was probably the most frequent string devices used within the Ottoman Empire till the 18th century, misplaced its reputation because of the appreciation of western devices after this date, it preserved its place within the Mevlevi rites.

What is a rebab #2

Rebap is recognized to have a mystical impact on the listeners, as its timbre has a tone very near the human voice.

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