What is radon

The image for radon is Rn and its atomic quantity is 86. Being a noble gasoline, the ingredient is chemically inactive and solely combines with different substances beneath excessive situations.

Radon, the densest and heaviest identified gasoline, is thought-about a well being hazard resulting from its radioactivity. Radon is uncommon in nature as a result of its isotopes are very short-lived.

Radon has no identified organic function, however is believed to play an vital function in evolution. The German physicist Friedrich Ernst Dorn named radon in 1900.

Whereas finding out the decay chain of radium, Dorn found a brand new gasoline he known as radium “leakage.” Radium was found simply two years in the past by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie.

In response to the US-based Nationwide Most cancers Institute, radon is nearly ubiquitous within the air, and everybody inhales radon day by day. The ingredient in query is innocent at low ranges. Nonetheless, individuals who inhale excessive ranges of radon are at an elevated threat of growing lung most cancers.


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