What is Purslane? How to use? What Are the Benefits and Side Effects?

in public fattening Purslane known by its name is one of the plants you can easily see almost everywhere. After the rains of April, May The plant, which increases its yield rapidly, takes its place in many dishes and salads with its sour taste. Purslane, which grows up to 30 santimetre at most, is an annual herbaceous plant.

The purslane plant, which spreads with all its branches on the soil, özgü fleshy leaves, thick streaky branches and visible seeds. The preferred places are usually the stems that are not thickened with their leaves that are not very large. Black seeds in the head You can easily sow purslane with.

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A kind of taste to the sorrel plant resembling purslane consists of smaller leaves. The plant, which özgü a wide range of uses, is considered among the delicious and medicinal herbs. Moreover, it will be enough to take a tour in the garden to provide it. It is a plant that can grow easily without distinguishing any soil. Found in purslane omega 3 and oils, enough to compete with fish rich.

What is Purslane?

In the world of science Portulacca oleraceae, Purslane or Pourpier Purslane known as purslane özgü varying names from region to region. The plant, which blooms with yellow, purple and pink flowers immediately after germination, will become edible later.

Purslane, which should be used especially at diet time fullness özgü. The sour taste contained in speed up the metabolism It makes it easier to act. Purslane, which adds a unique taste to meat and fish, is also a good meal alone.

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Where Is Purslane Grown?

Where Is Purslane Grown?

Homeland Middle East It is known that purslane is produced in India too much. Humid and warm weather With this feature plants that prefer most in Turkey Aegean, around the Mediterranean is growing. If the plant, which does not require a special growing strategy, is to be grown regularly for consumption, then it should be cared for and collected abundantly. When it reaches the size to be eaten, the purslane collected immediately will reproduce more.

Purslane, which is not very selective, can grow wherever the soil is moist. Sandy and clay soils ensures that efficiency is taken more easily. Besides around 15 degrees of air temperature It will be healthier to grow it where it is.

Purslane grown in large gardens can also be grown in pots. You can see that purslane divides into many branches in a short time when the weekly water requirement is met. If the soil you use is high quality and organic, the purslane will be just as nutritious.

How to Use Purslane?

How to Use Purslane?

Purslane is indispensable for those who like sour flavors on their tables. Most used in salads The herb can be made with yoghurt alone, or it is also delicious in seasonal salads. Besides these that can be cooked like spinach It can be roasted with purslane, onion and tomato paste and served with yogurt.

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Purslane, which alone tastes very good, is also known to be consumed as an appetizer with fish. Immediately after cleaning the tables coarsely when served with lemon Its nutritional value is unique. In addition to all these, it is possible to taste purslane even if you only wash and eat it.

Purslane salad, which is a satisfying taste as well as practical, will provide you with a very good meal with only a few ingredients. Our purslane salad recipe is as follows;


  • 1 kilo purslane
  • 3 tomatoes
  • Half chicken breast
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 pepper
  • 1 pinch of parsley
  • Salt as you want
  • 1 spring onion

After washing and cleaning the purslane, it is enough to take the branches and leaves that are not thick and chop them only a few times. Meanwhile put the chicken breast in water and boil you must provide. While the chicken is boiling tomato, pepper and cucumber you have to chop it small. You should cut the boiled chicken into cubes and place them in the mixture. You should combine the purslane, tomato, pepper, cucumber and green onion in one bowl and then blend them well. A little olive oil, a pinch of salt and a lemon will be enough.

What Are the Benefits of Purslane?

What Are the Benefits of Purslane?

Purslane iron deficiency It is very nutritious for those who have a shortage. It provides the proliferation of red and white blood cells with its iron content. Except this regulates blood sugar and is very effective on blood pressure. Purslane, which provides energy to the body, also doubles the person’s metabolic rate. Hence increases your weight loss rate.

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Gout, gastritis, stroke Purslane, which reduces the risk, also protects you from cancer types. It is very difficult for you to get flu infections with the plant that strengthens the immunity. also trouble urinating It is good for those who do. In children supporting brain development purslane also constipation It also prevents. In the kidneys prevents sanding, shedding stones It helps. Hemorrhoids It is effective against. It strengthens the muscles.

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Omega 3 as much as fish özgü content. Therefore, those who do not like fish can meet their omega 3 need from purslane. Acids and oils in fish oil are also found in purslane. Therefore, it is possible to close the fish gap when you eat purslane regularly.

What Are the Side Effects of Purslane?

What Are the Side Effects of Purslane?

Purslane used in high amounts upset the stomach arrangement. Having a sour taste, burning in the stomach causes. However, the excessive consumption of purslane to have diarrhea It also gives rise to. Plant that exhibits allergic reactions, skin rashes and itching can cause. For this reason, before consuming too much in one go, it is definitely useful to take less and kontrol it.

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