What is Protostar

A protostar is a younger star within the early levels of formation, earlier than reaching the primary sequence stage.

This stage of star formation can take 100,000 years or extra, relying on the scale of the star.

The fashionable depiction of protostars was first proposed by Chushiro Hayashi in 1966. The scale of the protostars was enormously exaggerated within the early fashions.

Later numerical calculations clarified the matter and confirmed that protostars are solely barely bigger than main-sequence stars of the identical mass.


When a protostar’s temperature is larger than 10 million Kelvin, it turns into a real star. At this temperature, hydrogen fusion begins to happen. Fusion heats the star, shrinking it into the core, inflicting the star to emit gentle. A protostar will need to have 0.08 photo voltaic plenty to develop into a star.

A protostar begins as a fuel cloud. Because the excessive gravity causes the cloud to break down, it begins to spin and creates a magnetic discipline. At this level, the protostar is usually obscured by fuel clouds.

When the magnetic discipline creates the stellar wind, it elongates the fuel and particles, revealing the forming star.

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