What is photovoltaic

The know-how of changing photo voltaic vitality into electrical present is referred to as photovoltaic. On this course of, semiconductors similar to silicon, gallium arsenide, cadmium telluride, copper indium diselenide are used.

Photovoltaic (PV) techniques are clear and environmentally pleasant techniques that don’t emit carbon to the surroundings throughout this course of.

PV techniques are largely utilized in areas removed from the grid and the place the electrical energy grid can’t be pulled at low price.


Photovoltaic techniques, that are one of many techniques with the very best conversion characteristic of renewable vitality, have many advantages.

We are able to checklist them as follows:

  • It is appropriate to be used in small and medium-sized companies and residences.
  • PV techniques are protected and dependable techniques.
  • Photo voltaic vitality is renewable vitality.
  • It doesn’t require upkeep and restore.
  • Simply put in anyplace.
  • It doesn’t produce dangerous gases and doesn’t make noise.
  • It drastically reduces greenhouse gasoline emissions.


Photovoltaic cells may be thought of as the fundamental constructing block of a photovoltaic system. A single photovoltaic cell produces solely sufficiently small vitality to energy gadgets similar to wrist watches or calculators.

Photovoltaic cells are linked in sequence to type photo voltaic vitality panels consisting of various numbers of cells and designed to work in outside environments.

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