What is phosphine gas

Of their analysis, scientists introduced that they detected a gas referred to as phosphine within the acid-laden clouds within the ambiance of the planet Venus, the place microbes can survive, and that this is an indication of life just like Earth.

So what is the phosphine gas that creates the potential for life on Venus? Listed here are the curious ones…


Phosphine (IUPAC identify: phosphan); It is a type of chemical compound, also referred to as hydrogenphosphite, phosphamine, phosphorus trihydride, phosphorate hydrogen, and represented by the system PH3.

Phosphine has a boiling level of -88 levels Celsius (°C); It is a colorless, flammable and toxic gas.

Whereas pure phosphine is odorless, compounds containing modified phosphine and diphosphan (P2H4) have a particularly disagreeable odor, like garlic or rotten fish.


As well as, when an individual breathes phosphine gas, it reacts with the moisture within the lungs and turns into phosphoric acid. This response results in the demise of an individual.

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