What is Perga (Bee bread)? Benefits of bee bread

Bee bread is the meals that bees create by digesting the outer layer of pollen they gather from the flowers of vegetation with the enzymes they add, after which accumulating them within the honeycomb cells.

Bee bread, which surprises those that hear it with its title, helps help the immune system as a pure probiotic.

So what are the advantages of bee bread and the way is it consumed? Listed below are the curious ones..


Bees, which have many contributions to human life, don’t solely convert the pollen they’ve saved for honey. Additionally they create meals sources for themselves within the hive they dwell in.

When the substances they secrete mix with the honey and beeswax within the comb, bee bread known as perga is obtained.

These meals, that are the scale of black peppercorns, turn into consumable after they’re fermented.

Bee bread, which is said to have cell regenerative properties by some consultants, has turn into standard lately, but it surely has truly been identified by individuals who have been coping with bees since historic occasions.


Bee bread will help take away most cancers cells. The regenerative and restorative impact it offers on cells is useful for the prevention of these illnesses.

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This pure nutrient, which incorporates perga lipid, carbohydrate, protein, pantothenic acid, lactic acid, sucrose, amylase, phosphatase minerals from pollen, additionally incorporates nutritional vitamins C, B1, B2, E, H.

Bee bread, which is produced by fermenting pollen with honey, is a pure meals supply containing artificial nutritional vitamins.

Once we have a look at the advantages of bee bread, which helps to regenerate the liver, bettering pores and skin well being ensures that different organs within the physique work extra effectively and healthily.

Because of the vitamin Ok in its content material, it makes psychological features extra practical. It renews the deformed cells within the nervous system and helps to guard in opposition to illnesses corresponding to despair and stress.

Vitamin store in the hive: What is Perga (Bee bread)?  Bee Bread Benefits.. #2


Generally, perga is consumed with water, milk and yoghurt. Nonetheless, it may be consumed along with natural teas or black tea.

It is really helpful to be consumed at breakfast within the morning. So you can begin the day match.

Grownup people ought to eat 8-10, kids 3-4 items.

Vitamin store in the hive: What is Perga (Bee bread)?  Benefits of bee bread.. #3

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