What is paella ?

Paella is a Spanish rice dish initially from Valencia. Paella, some of the well-known dishes of Spanish delicacies, might be consumed in numerous mixtures.

Paella has a style that displays the character of Spanish delicacies, the place small spherical Bomba rice from Andalusian tradition and large pans distinctive to Roman delicacies meet.

Paella can be known as seafood rice. The primary substances within the meal; White rice is seafood and greens. Paella is typically consumed at midday in Spain.


The spices and substances used fluctuate in accordance with the areas of Spain. Whereas the fish and seafood used within the coastal areas are changed by beef and goat meat within the larger villages, there are even vegetarian preferences in some areas.

It is mentioned that paella is the invention of the servants who combine and cook dinner the leftover meals within the palace of the Moorish King in large cauldrons and take it residence.

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