What is oleuropein? In which plants is Oleuropein, the active substance against coronavirus, found?

It was registered and patented by American scientists that the Oleuropein substance in the olive leaf is efficient in the remedy of viral ailments.

The rumors that olive leaf tea is good against the coronavirus triggered this product to weigh between 50 and 100 liras.

Olive leaves started to draw extra consideration than olives and olive oil upon the information. So what is oleuropein? Is olive leaf good for coronavirus?


Oleuropein is one in all the miracles of additional virgin olive oil containing 30 totally different phenolic compounds.

There are various research exhibiting that it destroys most cancers cells, prevents cell injury and reduces irritation in the physique.

In reality, the longevity of the olive tree, which is known as the “immortal tree” as a result of it could survive for 1000’s of years, is additionally on account of oleuropein.

Oleuropein is the most vital substance that protects olive timber from ailments and pests. And this substance passes into the oil, from the fruit of the olive.


Oleuropein is a type of phenolic bitter compound present in inexperienced olive pores and skin, flesh and seeds, leaves and argan oil. The time period oleuropein is derived from the botanical identify of the olive tree Olea europaea.

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Oleuropein, which has a bitter style, have to be utterly eliminated or decomposed to make olives edible.

Throughout the processing of bitter and inedible inexperienced olives to be used as desk olives, oleuropein olives are dipped in lye.

What is oleuropein?  In which plants is Oleuropein, the active substance against coronavirus, found?  #2nd


The active ingredient oleuropein, which offers the tree resistance against ailments and pests, additionally shed a light-weight on the coronavirus.

Elenolic acid in the content material of oleuropein and ‘calcium elenolate’, which is a spinoff of oleuropein, has the function of protecting all kinds of microorganisms away.

Mentioning that individuals flip to olive leaves to guard themselves from coronavirus, Uludağ College School of Agriculture Division of Meals Engineering School Member Prof. Dr. Jasmine Shahan, “Though it is thought that the results of olive leaf are on account of the phenolic compounds it incorporates at a excessive fee and will have the potential to be efficient on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is the causative agent of Covid-19, it is attainable to say that the olive leaf is particularly efficient on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, inside the present info. not possible.” used the phrases.

What is oleuropein?  In which plants is Oleuropein, the active substance against coronavirus, found?  #3


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