What is oleander ?

Oleander, which is a cursed toxic tree in Islam, is translated into Turkish as “zıkkım”, which implies poison.

Oleander, scientifically Latin Nerium oleander, is a flowering plant from the Apocynaceae household.

Oleander, which is within the class of Toxic Vegetation, blooms between June and September in white, pink, purple, yellow and cream colours and may develop as much as 6 meters.

Oleander grows particularly in stream beds and watersides. It is some of the drought-resistant vegetation and doesn’t shed its leaves in winter.

It is additionally grown as a decorative plant in gardens. It is a plant with flowers that decorates summer season and winter gardens colorfully with its lovely scent.


This plant, which is referred to as “Şeceretü’z-zakkûm” in Arabic, means “ez-zakm”, consuming, ingesting, consuming voraciously and swallowing, in addition to “meals made out of dates and cream, toxic, harmful meals”.

It means poison, ache in Turkish. It is utilized in every day life because the phrase zikkım.

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In response to the faith of Islam, it is the lethal, bitter fruit tree believed to be in Hell. The oleander tree is described within the Qur’an as follows;

“Is that this a greater deal with or is it an oleander tree? Now we have made that oleander a take a look at for the wrongdoers. It is a tree that grows on the very backside of Hell. Its buds are just like the heads of devils. The oppressors will certainly eat it and fill their bellies with it. They may even have a drink combined with boiling water on this object.” (Saffat, 62- 67) In a hadith he mentions the 2 suns of the world, the oleander tree, our Prophet (saas) addresses the believers as follows: “O you who imagine! If a drop was dropped from the oleander tree, the folks of the world would endure; take into consideration those that haven’t any meals aside from him!” (Musnad, I, 301, 338; Ibn Majah, “Zuhd”, 38).

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