What is Mormix ?

Mormiks is a mix that emerged by taking the extracts of purple-colored fruit and veggies and making them concentrated.

Many shoppers who encounter purple bread, purple bagels, purple pita or purple baklava ask the identical query: The place did these eggplant coloured merchandise come from?

It is attainable to reply this with one phrase: mormix

Purple coloured fruit and veggies are used to acquire Mormiks. Purple coloured fruit and veggies utilized in Mormix manufacturing; bitter black mulberry, blueberry, eggplant, cherry, pomegranate, blackberry, bitter cherry, purple onion peel, radish, carrot.

The combination ready on this approach is used along with white flour. It has been noticed that when used with white flour, it reduces the dangerous results of white flour.

Mormix makes not solely bread, but in addition pastries equivalent to baklava, pasta, simit, even ice cream and uncooked meatballs.

What is Mormix #1


Whereas purple bread, which has turn into the focal point with its shade, is produced in Japan, it has began to be produced in Malatya for the primary time in Turkey. It is taken from the pigments of purple fruit and veggies and added to the dough, giving the bread its purple shade. It doesn’t comprise any components and could be simply consumed by everybody.

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The advantages of purple bread are countless. Listed below are a few of them:
– Diabetes
– blood strain
– Regulating blood sugar
– Decreasing the danger of getting most cancers
– Making a detox impact for the center and liver
– Making the organs within the physique work extra comfortably

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