What is Milk Thistle? How to use? What Are the Benefits and Side Effects?

Apart from the name of thistle among the people Kansa, camel apple, bull thistle, donkey thistle, milky kengel, virgin mary thistle also known by names such as the plant, Chamomile It belongs to the family. Thistle, which likes to grow in stony and arid regions, is a 1-year plant. It can be between 30 centimeters in length and 1 meter in height.

Its structure is thin and porous. Its flowers are purple and usually July and August Opens between dates. In the content of the fragrant plant histamine, flavonite, albumin and amine There are different substances such as. Its use in the treatment of many diseases is not only today, but also dates back to the ancient Greeks. Especially its positive effect on liver diseases özgü been the subject of many studies.

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A plant native to africa Although it is known that thistles are frequently encountered in the Mediterranean region. Liver friendly Thistle, which stands out in the world of plants, is a plant that can be beneficial as long as it is used carefully. Especially when it is required to be used for the treatment of any disease, the recommendations given should be followed.

What Is Thistle Plant?

What is Milk Thistle?

Scientific name of thistle, which mostly grows spontaneously in nature Silybum marianum‘Stop. It is a useful plant that is frequently seen on roadside and barren lands. Very easy to spread seeds because in many parts of Turkey are to be found in this plant. It is one of the undesirable plants in planted fields. Thistle, whose benefits are not only in fighting liver diseases, streamlining and weakening the digestive system It özgü many beneficial effects.

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Uses of Milk Thistle Plant

The milk thistle, which özgü come to the fore with its benefits from the past to the present, özgü increased its usage rate with many alternative products rather than its natural plant. Especially in regeneration and recovery of the liver effective thistle pill its use is a practical option.

Milk thistle seed powder and oil biçim It is possible to benefit from this natural plant. It is important to consult an expert before using alternative products that are thought to be beneficial for health. Using milk thistle products at the desired dose on their own may cause harm instead of benefit. It is always best for health to choose reliable addresses for absolute benefit.

How to Use Milk Thistle?

How to Use Milk Thistle?

The seeds are as beneficial as the plant itself. Easily available from herbalists thistle seed and the tea obtained from its flowers is effective in preventing and treating many diseases. Every use recommended to be prepared freshly One teaspoon of thistle seeds is enough for thistle tea.

Before adding seeds to boiling water must be crushed in pestle. It is enough to brew for about 15 minutes. In order to benefit from the tea obtained on an empty stomach in the morning and before eating in the evening should be consumed. As a plant compatible with mint plant, some mint can be added to the pot during the preparation phase. Thus, it is possible to increase both its taste and benefits.

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What Are the Benefits of Thistle?

What Are the Benefits of Thistle?

In liver diseases Drug treatment is highly undesirable but compulsory. Providing the opportunity to minimize the use of drugs in such patients, milk thistle, which is collected in the liver organ the removal of toxic toxins It helps. It makes the stomach structure stronger and facilitates digestion when consumed after meals. Sweaty feature Thanks to it, it helps to overcome discomfort such as colds very quickly. Vascular occlusion It is effective in preventing the sorun.

Due to its antioxidant effect on the whole body beautify the skin is possible. Phlegm remover and breast softening özgü effects. In women menstrual delay It is effective against the sorun. Benefiting from milk thistle in liver diseases such as jaundice and cirrhosis will help to provide natural recovery. Migraine sorun There are also healing and appetizing benefits.

Does Thistle Weaken?

Does Thistle Weaken?

Having discovered benefits to human health centuries ago, milk thistle özgü many features today, and even helps to lose weight. In this regard rather than her plant seeds in the melting of belly fat It özgü a very effective feature. But Without ignoring its appetizing effect Thistle should be used to lose weight. Healthy individuals up to three cups a day There is no harm in consuming thistle tea.

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The fact that it is very effective in removing harmful toxins in the whole body, especially in the liver, brings forth the weakening effect of thistle, even if indirectly. However, it is not possible to lose weight with milk thistle seeds alone. Therefore to support an existing diet This herbal tea can be used.

What Are the Side Effects of Milk Thistle?

What Are the Side Effects of Milk Thistle?

Because the ingredients in its ingredients have a very strong effect, care must be taken when using thistle. Using excessively unconscious It causes diarrhea to be triggered. Not using by pregnant women There is a definite warning that it is required. Same way it will pass from breast milk to baby Since it is thought that thistle plant is not suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

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When examined in general, thistle is a plant that stands out with its benefits rather than its side effects. However, since it is effective in the functioning of the intestines, it should not be used more than the recommended consumption amount. In case of regular medication use, in line with the doctor’s recommendation should be used.

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