What is Meniere’s syndrome ?

In case of extreme enhance or lower within the inside ear fluids with microbiotic formations, the illness that causes lack of stability and listening to difficulties to the affected person is known as Mmniere syndrome.

The syndrome, which was first described by the French physician Prosper Meniere in 1861, acquired its identify from right here.

The illness normally impacts one ear first and doesn’t progress to the second ear in 25 to 50 p.c of circumstances. At first of the syndrome, there is a rise in fluid within the inside ear part known as the labyrinth; This extra liquid pressurizes the labyrinth membrane and disrupts the membrane.

Thus, the senses of stability and listening to could also be impaired. The reason for the illness is not but absolutely identified.


Meniere’s syndrome happens with periodic assaults.

There aren’t any signs between these intervals; The intervals of sickness could also be a number of hours, a number of months, and sometimes a number of years aside.

Illness signs could be delicate or severe.

There could also be various levels of dizziness, tinnitus, and decreased listening to, particularly at low frequencies.

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Complaints in the course of the illness intervals progressively develop into extra extreme, however after this era ends, it passes instantly.

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The illness that impacts day by day life doesn’t enable lengthy journeys.

Specialists state that when salt and caffeine consumption are restricted, severe alleviation of the syndrome and discount in assaults could be achieved.

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