What is mahleb ?

Mahalep is an fragrant and medicinal herb, which is utilized in pastries, particularly in oil lamps.

Mahleb is an Arabic phrase that means “sweet-smelling” or “king of fragrance”.

Whereas it is principally grown in Southern Europe, Western and Northern Asia on this planet, it is grown in Tokat, Amasya, Çorum, Mardin, Van, Ordu and Erzurum in our nation.

Mahleb, which has two varieties, black and white, is one of the crucial essential elements of pastries.

Other than the meals business, Mahlep is additionally used within the beauty business, particularly in fragrance manufacturing, within the paint business, within the manufacturing of varnishes and lacquers, and within the pharmaceutical business.


The commonest recipes utilized in mahleb are oil lamps and Easter buns.

Along with its fragrant title and the gentle contact it provides to the recipes, mahleb additionally has the characteristic of delaying staleness and giving it crispness. For that reason, it is steadily added to pastries reminiscent of pastries, savory cookies, and bread.

What is Mahleb #1


  • Mahalep seed is particularly used as an antidiabetic as a result of it has a really low starch ratio. It will likely be an satisfactory reply for individuals who marvel if its antidiabetic characteristic can cut back mahaleb sugar.
  • It offers energy and power because it comprises a mean of 14% carbohydrates and 27% fats.
  • It is additionally recognized for its diuretic properties.
  • It is additionally good for shortness of breath, bronchial asthma and liver issues.
  • Mahalep gum is a robust expectorant.
  • It is additionally recognized to be good for kidney ache and belly ache.
  • Linolenic acids in its composition present robust stotoxicity in opposition to monocytic leukemia cells. Contemplating that stotoxic substances are used to kill cancerous cells in chemotherapy remedy, it may be stated that mahlep gives a pure chemotherapy impact.
  • It is additionally recognized to be a robust antioxidant. Due to this fact, it is additionally very efficient in stopping cardiovascular illnesses.
  • Mahleb, which may meet 16% of every day calcium wants, is additionally efficient in bone growth.
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