What is leprosy

Leprosy is a illness recognized since historic occasions. Leprosy, which has comparable traits to Koch micro organism, which is a tuberculosis microbe, is transmitted by a bacterium known as Hamsen’s bacillus.

The Hansen bacterium is named after him as a result of it was found by the Swedish medical scholar Gerhart Hansil in 1873.

Based on the World Well being Group, there are 180 thousand contaminated leprosy sufferers at the moment. Many of the sufferers dwell in underdeveloped international locations akin to Asian and African international locations.


leprosy, which is often genetic; Though the physique has a pure immune system, these sufferers should not have an immune system.

It is not recognized precisely how leprosy spreads amongst folks. Medical consultants recommend that this illness could be transmitted to a different particular person via airborne droplets that the leprosy particular person coughs or sneezes.


  • Pores and skin sores which might be lighter than pores and skin shade

  • Wounds and lesions that don’t heal for months

  • weak spot in muscle tissue

  • Numbness in arms, arms, legs and ft

  • shedding in eyebrows

  • Scars on knees and elbows

  • Thickening of the arm and leg nerves

  • Palm muscle tissue start to soften

  • Lack of sensation, particularly on the interior floor of the forearm

  • Recurrent nosebleeds in youngsters and youngsters

  • Incapacity to shut the decrease eyelids

  • Facial edema and acne-like wounds

  • Purplish, raised and laborious nodules showing on the brow and ears

  • Bacillary nodules that may be seen in numerous elements of the physique

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Varieties of Leprosy

The principle and vital forms of leprosy are as follows.

Leprosy leprosy: It is particularly seen on the face. Broken tissues with mucous membranes on the face are a method of contamination. When examined with a microscope, a lot of Hansen bacilli could be seen within the affected person tissues.

tuberculous leprosy : It is seen as swollen spots and leaky bubbles. When the bubbles are pressed with glass, granules much like lupus are seen. Nonetheless, Hansel bacillus is not seen when the illness is examined beneath a microscope.

Nervous leprosy: It comes from nerve injury.

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Relating to the combat towards leprosy, the primary title that involves thoughts in Turkey and on this planet is Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan.

Additionally recognized in Turkey for his Snowdrops challenge and recognized for his nice assist for ladies’ training, Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan spent a lifetime combating towards leprosy and cleared the illness from our nation.

Beginning to wrestle with leprosy since his pupil years at Istanbul College College of Medication, Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan began her profession by working as a specialist on this area after she grew to become a doctor.


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