What is lectin ?

Lectin is a sort of protein discovered naturally in most vegetation. It acts as a protecting armor for vegetation and helps them to develop healthily.

The kind of protein present in cell membranes is known as lectin. Carbohydrates are seen on the membranes. Due to this fact, many meals include lectins.

Lectin, which is helpful solely when consumed in a balanced method, may cause many well being issues because it is consumed in extra.

Extreme consumption is not really useful as it might scale back the physique’s absorption of the properties present in meals. The human physique can’t digest extra lectins, and these proteins cross via the intestines with out being floor.


Whereas not all lectins are dangerous, some lectins are undoubtedly useful.

  • In vegetation, lectins type a part of vegetation’ pure protection mechanisms and guarantee seed survival.
  • Lectins have essential roles within the physique. First, they activate the complementary immune system (a part of the innate immune system), which helps combat pathogens. For instance, lectins assist us combat pneumonia.
  • Lectins are sometimes anti-microbial
  • Some herbs create their useful results because of lectins. For instance, bitter melon and garlic are examples of vegetation which have lectins which may be useful.
  • Some herbs are within the bean household and are due to this fact prone to have concentrated lectin ranges. Amongst them, lectins of vegetation similar to astragalus, licorice, carob, and kudzu are additionally useful, and they’re utilized in many locations for his or her useful results.
  • Lectins are often immunostimulating substances, and vegetation with lectins additionally usually stimulate the immune system.
  • Lectins generally immediately inhibit most cancers cells, similar to breast most cancers prevention.
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Probably the most lectin-containing meals embrace legumes similar to beans, kidney beans and chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, eggplant, peanuts, wheat and different grains. The uncooked types of these meals have increased lectin ranges.

In merchandise obtained from non-natural animals, lectins improve to excessive ranges. Pasteurized milk accommodates extra lectins than unprocessed milk.

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Getting an excessive amount of lectins within the weight loss plan damages the intestinal wall. Consequently, signs similar to diarrhea and vomiting happen. The intestine broken by the lectin can not perform correctly and soak up vitamins correctly.

Probably the most dangerous letkin for folks with lectin sensitivity is the lectin present in wheat. In prone people, the wheat lectin enters the bloodstream as a result of intestinal permeability.

The physique detects this international protein and prompts the protection mechanism. This could trigger irritation, injury to the physique’s personal tissues because it assaults lectins, and autoimmune illnesses.

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Sprouting seeds, legumes or grains additionally scale back their lectin content material.

Typically, the longer the germination time, the extra lectins are deactivated. In some instances, lectin exercise is elevated by sprouting (like alfalfa sprouts).

You need to go away the grains in water earlier than cooking. The longer they keep within the water, the decrease the lectin content material shall be.

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