What is kumiss

Kumys, which is obtained from mare’s milk and made by fermenting, was found centuries in the past and was continuously consumed resulting from its advantages.

It has a low alcohol, bitter style and a soda-like style as a result of CO2 it incorporates.

Scientific researches have revealed that cumin has healing or relieving properties for varied illnesses comparable to tuberculosis, ulcers, liver, varied abdomen and intestinal illnesses, and blood deficiency.

Ibn-i Sina, often known as the historical past finder of kumis; used to desire crimson in lots of locations for therapeutic functions.


Kyrgyz, one of many Turkish nomads, fill the mare’s milk in a bag product of smoked horse pores and skin, then add one-fifth yeast to the newly milked milk and blend it for about an hour.

After resting the combination for 3 hours, alcoholization begins on the milk floor. This time, 4 or 5 instances the milk within the bag is added and shaken. It is left to relaxation for 7-8 hours.

This course of is repeated a number of instances with an interval of 3-4 hours, after three or 4 days the milk will harden. By including milk to it once more, kumiss is obtained.


– Regulates the digestive system.

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– It is good for intestinal issues and removes all illnesses that happen within the gut.

– It removes the discomfort within the respiratory tract and is good for shortness of breath.

– Strengthens the immune system.

– Balances the mind and nervous system.

– It has calming properties.

– It is good for rheumatic illnesses.

– Prevents blood coagulation.

– It exhibits a critical appetizing function in individuals with anorexia.

– It is good for arteriosclerosis and coronary heart illnesses.

– Accelerates the work of the kidneys.

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