What is Kiwi? What Are the Types, Features and Benefits?

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Kiwi originated in China and later spread to Europe in 1847. Kiwi cultivation is naturally possible but not yet in Turkey, kiwi cultivation work is done in greenhouses. The kiwi tree, which grows on the vine tree like grapes, shed its leaves regularly every year. Kiwi seeds at the sowing stage are approximately 5 meters apart It is planted to be.

Kiwi vines need fertile soil and abundant watering during the development phase. Although kiwi is a fruit of temperate climate in general, vines also need cold weather to sprout.

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Kiwi, which is very popular and özgü a vitamin-rich content, is often grown in suitable climates. Important types of kiwi fruit, which is also very rich in terms of variety, are of great importance for trade.

What is Kiwi?

What is Kiwi?Kiwi, a tropical fruit, is a very important fruit in terms of health. Although it özgü been around the world for many years, it özgü started to be recognized in our country more recently. The first place where kiwi started to spread around the world is in China. Yangsite named valley. Kiwi trees, unique only to this place, have become a fruit grown by many European countries in the following years.

Considering the date of discovery of kiwi, it is among the fruits that are considered to have recently entered human life compared to other fruits. Kiwi is so important and considered valuable enough to be traded, the most basic factor is the vitamins contained in kiwi. At this point, kiwi Vitamins A, E and C It is possible to say that it is very rich in terms of food and özgü an immune system enhancing effect.

What Are the Types of Kiwi?

What Are the Types of Kiwi?As a result of studies on kiwi, many varieties of kiwi have been introduced to human life. Although many of us think of the classic kiwi variety, which is brown on the outside and green on the inside, there are many other varieties of kiwi with different characteristics. Apart from the kiwi that everyone knows, the popular mini kiwi variety özgü been developed without the peel compared to the original kiwi. In addition, its flavor is different from the kiwi we know.

Mini kiwi is a species that is divided into varieties within itself. While the variety of kiwi is gradually increasing, many people are becoming aware of the benefits of kiwi and kiwi consumption is spreading rapidly. The most known type of kiwi Haywart ‘Truck. Except this Monty, Matua, Allison and Tomour It is one of the other known kiwi species.

What Are The Properties Of Kiwi?

What Are The Characteristics Of Kiwi?Kiwi, which özgü an extremely valuable feature in terms of nutritional value, is among the most preferred fruits of recent years. There are nearly a thousand seeds in a kiwi. When first harvested özgü a harsh and sour taste Kiwi reaches its real maturity after waiting for a week and gains a sweet taste. In addition to being consumed as fruit, it best suits cream cakes. tropics are among the fruits.

Although the tree resembles a vine leaf, kiwi vines are stronger. In addition, kiwi vines should be protected from the harsh winds of spring in order to obtain efficient harvest in the season. Kiwi with climbing and clinging properties 5 to 7 meters can extend up to. The young shoots of kiwi, the main body of which can thicken up to 20 santimetre, are bright red. These shoots need to be based on supports, as they show an elongation shape like a vine.

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These elongated shoots have heart-shaped leaves at first, shiny upper face and toothed edges. Kiwi, which is a two house plant, özgü white and pink flowers. The kiwi tree, which blooms in summer, yields fruits weighing 40-100 grams in autumn. In a regular sized kiwi fruit 100-1200 seeds are available.

What Are the Benefits of Kiwi?

Kiwi; magnesium, potassium, calcium Besides minerals, A, E, C and K It is a fruit rich in vitamins. Kiwi is a fruit that is beneficial for everyone, small and large, due to its ingredients. Feeding kiwi in season, especially to children in the developmental age, airways While it provides protection from their diseases, it also ensures that their immunity is stronger than düzgüsel.

  • Kiwi, one of the fruits with the highest value in terms of vitamin C, is also flu and cold It özgü a protective feature against winter diseases such as.
  • Pectin Kiwi, which özgü rich content, when consumed regularly removing toxins from the body It helps.
  • With its blood dilution feature, Kiwi ensures that blood pressure remains in balance and thus blood pressure is regular.
  • While it is recommended by experts to consume enough as a very useful fruit, it is also stated that those with allergies should be careful.
  • Since it contains a lot of fiber, it ensures regular functioning of the digestive system.
  • Experts say that diabetic patients can easily consume kiwi.
  • Since it is good for the eyes, it prevents eye diseases that occur especially in the elderly.
  • It is helpful in losing weight in a healthy way.
  • It is good for asthma and bronchitis.
  • It allows you to reach a healthy and bright skin.

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