What is ketamine ?

ketamine; It is a drug used as a ache reliever in each emergency rooms and surgical procedures. It is on the ‘important medicines’ checklist of the World Well being Group.

Ketamine, which is on the World Well being Group’s checklist of important medicine; used as a ache reliever. It has many results on the physique.


Ketamine is presently used as an anesthetic in animal and human surgical procedures. It may be present in liquid, white, powder or capsule type.

Ketamine infusion remedy, alternatively, is a technique used as the primary selection for drug remedies and psychotherapy, melancholy therapy.

It was authorised in 1970 as an intravenous or intramuscular anesthetic agent to be used in diagnostic and surgical procedures.


Ketamine could be administered to the physique by nearly any route. This drug; It may be administered as a capsule, nasal spray, intramuscular injection or intravenous infusion.

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