What is keloid ?

The transformation of the scar into irregular tissue as a consequence of a disturbance within the physique’s pure therapeutic course of is referred to as keloid.

Keloid is irregular wound therapeutic. Physiologically, the injuries heal inside a number of weeks and the wound tightens with the assistance of proteins referred to as collagen whereas therapeutic.

Collagen manufacturing often decreases after 3 weeks and the scar begins to take form. In keloid, however, collagen manufacturing by no means stops and the scar is not shaped.

Every kind of scars and scars which will happen in genetically inclined individuals could cause keloid. Consequently, keloid could happen because of any trauma that disrupts the integrity of the pores and skin.


  • After wounds and burns on the pores and skin
  • Irritation, zits and many others. because of processes
  • After surgical interventions.
  • Put up-surgical wound an infection
  • Very laborious sutures and international physique within the wound
  • within the vaccine space
  • Keloid will be seen after situations similar to chickenpox and bug bites.

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Keloids often don’t require therapy, as they don’t seem to be life-threatening and don’t trigger severe ache or different issues apart from look. Nevertheless, there are completely different therapy choices for keloids that create a nasty picture that makes the individual really feel sad.

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1-Surgical excision: Surgical therapy is not advisable till different therapies have been tried. As a result of the chance of recurrence of keloid is 50-100%.

2-Ligation: It is a technique that can be utilized in stalked keloids.

3- Intralesional steroid injection: It is essentially the most most popular technique. After this process, the chance of recurrence of keloid is 50%. Cortisone purposes mixed with surgical therapies and cryotherapy give even higher outcomes.

4-Strain remedy: The truth is, it is a most popular therapy technique within the therapy of hyperplastic scars fairly than keloids. It is the primary alternative solely within the therapy of keloid within the earlobe.

5-Laser therapy: Mixture with different strategies provides extra profitable outcomes.

6-Cryotherapy: It is a extra profitable technique in small keloids. Enhancements of as much as 80% have been reported. After this technique, there could also be a complication of shade loss or darkening and scarring.

7-Silicone covers and gels: It has been reported that silicone dressings can forestall about 80% keloid. It needs to be began instantly after the wound has healed and used for a minimum of 12 hours – two weeks.

8-Radiation remedy: It needs to be most popular because the final possibility. It is a technique that carries dangers similar to discoloration, radiation dermatitis and most cancers.

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