What is karyotype analysis ?

Karyotype analysis is a laboratory method used to detect any vital chromosomal abnormalities that would trigger a genetic illness.

A karyotype is a picture that reveals the chromosomes of an organism.

The time period is additionally used extra typically to discuss with the complement of chromosomes present in a wholesome consultant of a species.

When a geneticist critiques a karyotype, she or he evaluates the picture to search for abnormalities.

For instance, if a human karyotype reveals {that a} affected person has three copies of chromosome 21 as an alternative of two, the affected person is identified with Down Syndrome.


Karyotype analysis is the analysis of chromosomes by figuring out their dimension, form and quantity. A wholesome particular person has 46 chromosomes. Irregular chromosomes may cause issues with the individual’s development, improvement and physique capabilities.

This analysis is often accomplished to judge a historical past of a sequence of miscarriages, to look at a toddler or toddler with developmental delays or uncommon options that point out a genetic abnormality.

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  • Individuals whose household or kin carry a genetic illness.
  • • {People} with infertility issues.
  • • Girls who’ve miscarried a number of instances.
  • • Households with disabled kids.
  • • Unborn infants with gender reassignment.
  • • Dad and mom with chromosomal abnormalities.
  • • Sufferers with diffuse syndromes (down, patau and so forth.).
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