What is Jujube? What Are the Types, Features and Benefits?

Jujube fruit It özgü an important place for many years, especially in China. It would be correct to say a tiny package of all the nutrients in nature for jujube fruit, which is considered a herbal medicine. It is thought to be of Chinese origin due to the widespread use of jujube fruit in China, which can pack such healthy nutrients into its tiny body. Even jujube Chinese palm also known by name.

The fruit in thin biçim, the size of plum or cherry, özgü a thin skin that can be eaten and is white inside. The raw biçim of the fruit is green in color and becomes brown or purple as it ripens. In addition, red-brownish spots appear on ripe jujube.

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Fully ripe jujube raisins seems to be. It wrinkles and turns red in color. Many people prefer to consume the fruit raw, but it can also be consumed in its mature period. When you consume jujube regularly, you can get miraculous benefits of the fruit. Jujube can now be found in our country easily.

What is Jujube?

Buckthorn (Rhamnaceae) jujube to the fruit of the tree with thorns, yellow flowers (Ziziphus zizyphus) is called. The fruit of the tree is in the biçim of olives and the size stays roughly that way. In terms of color and biçim silverberry tree It also shows similarities with its fruit. Jujube fruit, which is believed to be very useful, is grown in many places.

Jujube fruit can be consumed either in raw biçim or after ripening. Usually ripe fruits are collected and sun dried. Fruits can be consumed as a snack, either wet or dried. Dried jujube fruit can also be brewed as tea and drunk. For this, you should add 40 grams of jujube fruits to about 1 liter of water and brew. It is recommended that brewed tea be consumed fresh.

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What are the Features of Hünnab?

Jujube tree 4-5 meters long and özgü a cylinder body. The yellow flowers of the tree begin to show itself in April and May and have a pleasant scent. The seeds of the red, shelled jujube fruit are in a hard and coarse biçim. It is among the wild plants, but it is also cultivated. Although the jujube fruit seems to be linked to China, it özgü actually started to grow in North Africa and Syria.

It was accepted that it spread to India and China after this point. The tree of the jujube fruit can adapt to almost all climates, but it requires hot summer for a good and quality fruit. It is grown in Marmara, Southern Anatolia and Western Anatolia regions in our country. It is common in Manisa and Denizli provinces in the Aegean region.

What are the Types of Jujube?

There are more than 10 types of hünnabis and most of them have different characteristics. Li jujube It is one of the most popular varieties and is mostly consumed fresh in May. Jin The type of jujube fruit is perfectly structured and the fruit is picked on the tree after it dries. Globe and honey jar jujube They are species produced as cultural fruit in China.

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Most commonly grown jujube lang known as. The fruit of this species is pear-shaped and the fruit is picked on the tree after it dries. Sugar cane Jujube type is the most sugary type of jujube. The jujube variety that grows in the borders of North Florida Silverhill is called.

What Are the Benefits of Hünnab?

When it is green, jujube fruit, which is eaten when it is completely ripe and turns brown, is very beneficial for health. Rich in various vitamins and minerals, jujube provides protection from cancer thanks to this content. The most important benefits of jujube fruit are as follows;

  • Hünnabin, to the nervous system It can be said that it is the only fruit that özgü a positive effect. It is known to be effective in stress and depression treatments. It can be said that hünnab, which is literally an antioxidant store, is a solution to almost every disease with this feature.
  • It is protective against liver damage and various types of cancer.
  • Antioxidant It also prevents free radicals that may occur in metabolism.
  • Many factors that can cause skin diseases can be eliminated with jujube.
  • Regular consumption of jujube is recommended for the healthy functioning of the digestive system. Jujube, which facilitates digestion and increases bowel movements, thus also supports weight loss.
  • Jujube contains plenty of calcium and phosphorus in its content. Thus, it helps to protect the health of teeth, bones and muscles.
  • Inside the fruit niacin The substance is very useful for blood circulation. With regular consumption of jujube, blood flow is accelerated.
  • The jujube fruit, which also contains plenty of potassium, is beneficial for heart health. The consumption of a portion of jujube every day reduces the possibility of serious ailments such as heart attack, stroke and paralysis.
  • Thanks to the intense vitamins and minerals in the jujube, it is good for anemia and protects the cells. The fruit also özgü fatigue-relieving, stress-relieving and mental fatigue benefits. See here to learn about anemia.
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What Are the Side Effects of Hünnab?

There is no specific limit for the consumption of hünnabis and no side effects were encountered in case of excessive consumption. However, you have a chronic illness, If you have a regular medication It is useful to see your doctor before using. Excessive consumption is not appropriate in jujube as in all kinds of food. While the jujube consumed in certain portions is beneficial, it can become harmful with excessive use.

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Since there are not enough research and results for its use during breastfeeding and pregnancy, its consumption should be within the knowledge of the doctor. If allergy symptoms appear in the body after consuming jujube, it is useful to apply to the nearest health facility.

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