What is Jamsu makeup, how is it done?

Jamsu, which has emerged because the make-up development of latest days, is a magnificence approach from South Korea. What is the Jamsu make-up that Bella Hadid additionally applies and how is it achieved? Listed below are the curious ones…

The South Korean magnificence trick Jamsu make-up, which Bella Hadid usually applies, went viral on TikTok. The approach, which is a make-up technique, claims to maintain the pores and skin matte all day lengthy.

Jamsu make-up, which is actually translated as “dipping”, could be known as mattifying make-up with the assistance of water and powder. It is particularly most popular by oily pores and skin.

Customers who create content material about magnificence have not too long ago tried this technique on TikTok and made optimistic evaluations.

So what is Jamsu make-up and how is it achieved? Particulars in regards to the Jamsu development, which is curiously researched by these fascinated with make-up…


Jamsu, which is translated as immersion or immersion, consists of making use of base merchandise, making use of powder, after which immersing the face in chilly water for 30 seconds.

Earlier than making use of your eye and lip make-up, apply some clear powder or child powder in your pores and skin.

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Then, immerse your face within the water as within the gif. It’s best to be sure that your face is absolutely inserted into the bowl or container and await 1 minute.

Within the meantime, you’ll be able to take your head off and breathe. Then, dry with towel and tampon actions.

Your pores and skin will look way more matte. Then you’ll be able to transfer on to your eye and lip make-up.

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