What is jammer ?

Programs generally known as jammers or mixers are transmitting methods that may interrupt electromagnetic communication and disrupt indicators within the air.

Jammer is a phrase derived from the English phrase “confusion”, that means “mixer, jammer, jammer, jammer, noisemaker”.

Jammers are literally the identify given to transmitters that may broadcast powerfully at sure frequencies.

Because the broadcast within the frequency band desired to be combined coincides with the indicators of different methods broadcasting on the identical frequency within the surroundings, the broadcasts overlap and thus intrude.

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Sign jammer gadgets produce a powerful sign from the identical channel as the published they may disrupt. On this method, they make it not possible for the gadget that may obtain the published to research and course of the incoming frequency, inflicting the receiving gadget to be out of service.

These frequency jamming gadgets, which usually goal the receiving gadget (cell phone, pill, walkie-talkie, laptop, and so on.), are mostly utilized in our mosques to dam cell phone indicators. In lots of mosques, these gadgets perform successfully as a way to stop cell telephones from ringing throughout prayer.

Along with mosques, masjids and related locations of worship, it has turn out to be widespread with using cellphones in locations the place using cellphones is not acceptable / desired, similar to in cinemas and live performance halls, throughout conferences and conferences, in colleges and lecture rooms, factories and workplaces.

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On the similar time, these gadgets are used professionally in numerous public and safety establishments, particularly in army models, police and intelligence businesses in our nation.


BTK, “The institution, use, manufacturing and import of jammers outdoors the establishments laid out in paragraph 3 of Article 2 of the Digital Communications Regulation No. 5809 are prohibited.” used the phrases.

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