What is indium ?

Indium, image In, is a chemical component with 49 protons.

Indium was found in 1863 by the German chemist Ferdinand Reich on the Freiberg College of Mines in Germany.

Indium is a shiny silver steel that is tender and malleable, might be scratched with a fingernail and fashioned into nearly any form.

Indium is extraordinarily uncommon in nature and is nearly all the time present in hint quantities in different minerals, notably zinc and lead.

Its estimated abundance within the Earth’s crust is 0.1 elements per million.

Indium has a low melting level for a steel: 313.9 levels Fahrenheit (156.6 levels Celsius).

Indium’s title derives from the intense indigo gentle it shows within the spectroscope.


-Atomic quantity (variety of protons within the nucleus): 49,
-Atomic image (within the periodic desk of the weather): In,
-Atomic weight (common mass of atom): 114.8,8,
-Density: 7.31 grams per cubic centimeter,
-Room temperature part: Stable,
-Melting level: 313.88 levels Fahrenheit (156.6 levels Celsius),
-Boiling level: 3,761.6 F (2,072 C)
-The commonest isotope: In-115

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