What is Horanta ?

The phrase horanta, which is used within the sense of family, means different folks dwelling with the household in a home, the gang of households.

The phrase horanta, which has completely different meanings in line with the Turkish Language Affiliation, can be utilized alone or together with numerous sentences in Turkish.

“Those that are fed from a desk, household folks, chat council” The phrase Horanta, which is used within the that means of Persian χʷanda It is derived from the phrase خورنده “eater”. Persian phrase Persian χʷardan, χʷar Derived from the verb “to eat”.

Using the phrase varies by area. Central Anatolia area “Horan” then, in Mediterranean cities “Foranna” used as.


The phrase Horanta is some of the used phrases in our language.
The phrase Horanta is of Persian origin.

In line with TDK, the that means of the phrase horanta is as follows:

  • household folks
  • Extensive gap. 2. Huge, enormous.
  • Noise, uproar.
  • Mistress of the home, lady, spouse. 2 folks.
  • {People} within the household
  • Youngsters, all relations

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