What is Helicobacter pylori ?

Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that settles within the abdomen and causes an an infection, and on account of this an infection, it causes situations reminiscent of gastritis and ulcers within the abdomen.

The underlying reason behind extreme stomach ache and indigestion, the reason for which you have no idea, could also be Helicobacter pylori, which impacts your abdomen.

Helicobacter pylori is a microorganism that may settle within the abdomen and trigger gastritis and ulcers. Whereas it causes an infection in locations with gastric mucosa, it doesn’t have an effect on all the digestive system.


Greater than half of the world’s inhabitants is contaminated with this microorganism. Low socioeconomic stage, crowded residing situations, insufficient cleansing and hygiene are crucial causes.

Elements reminiscent of not washing fruit and veggies nicely, utilizing widespread forks, spoons, plates, sharing towels or toothbrushes facilitate contamination.

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Signs related to Helicobacter pylori an infection can also embody:

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Pure meals and spices are efficient within the therapy of Helicobacter pylori. Purple scorching pepper inhibits the expansion of helicobacteria. Garlic performs an especially efficient position in killing Helicobacter pylori. It acts like an antibiotic and kills micro organism.

Consumption of meals wealthy in antioxidants and vitamin C additionally decreases the complaints associated to helicobacteria. Orange, grapefruit, tomato, rosehip, parsley, kale, inexperienced pepper and cauliflower help the therapy of helicobacteria.

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