What is heather (heather)? How to use? What Are the Benefits and Side Effects?

Heather that stays green regardless of summer or winter, is low in height. bush looking It is one of the plants. The most common place of heather, which is more common in unproductive areas, is its homeland Europe. The economic value of the plant, which does not require any special effort for its cultivation, is quite high. The grass, which is used especially in making baskets and brooms, got its name from this use.

Used as a healing for many diseases, heather is a plant known to local people for centuries. The plant, which is known in the medical world especially for its blood cleansing properties, özgü also taken its place in several medicines as a result of research.

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Broom is a plant that benefits the human body from skin wounds to the excretory system. In addition, as with every plant, heather özgü side effects in case of excessive use. Plants with Turkey as well as habitat grows in Europe, özgü plenty that can be easily found.

What is heather (heather)?

Meerkats heather, a member of the family heather plant or heather flower also known as. Heather is a pink blooming plant that stays green in summer and winter. Although it grows up to 1 meter when grown in the shade, it does not exceed 30-35 santimetre in the areas seen by the sun. The plant, which blooms especially in autumn, is adorned with pink flowers resembling bell-shaped flowers this season.

Latin name Calluna vulgaris The heather occurs wild in places where trees are dense. It does not need any conditions, but it is known to be more common in cool weather. Although its homeland is Europe, heather, which is frequently seen in Asia and America, can occur almost everywhere because it özgü easy growing conditions. The fact that there are no conditions for growing makes it easier for people to grow up.

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The plant, which occurs spontaneously in sandy, wooded areas, is taller in dark areas. heathery seen around Western Anatolia and Thrace in Turkey, which is sufficient for the needs frequently found here. Sandy and gravelly The heather, which loves regions, does not distinguish between wetlands or arid areas.

How Is Broom Weed Used In The Commercial Area?

There are two uses of broomstick. The first is economical use and the other is physiological use. The heather, which is preferred for economic use, is separated from the soil when it reaches a sufficient size. It is then cleaned one by one and left to dry. Putting together when dry enough as a broom used.

Another use of broomstick basket is made. Especially in Asia, heather used for different baskets is also sold at expensive prices because it is made by hand. Seeds of heather bird meal It is also known to be used as. The dried seeds can be mixed with bird feeds and become food for birds.

How is Broomweed Used in Healthcare?

If you have any problems with your skin, especially if you have hives, hives, heather will help. After crushing the seeds of the heather well, consume it twice in the morning with a glass of water. For skin problems It will be very useful to consume it directly. After using it for a long time, you can see that it is good for all your skin problems.

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You can be sure that when you consume the broomstick boiling and brewing method, it will be a solution to all your problems from your excretory system to your blood circulation. You can also mix a teaspoon of olive oil with powdered heather and use it as an ointment. It will make your wounds heal faster.

What Are the Benefits of Broomstick?

Almost everyone living in nature and in the countryside benefits from the medicinal properties of plants. The heather, also known as the heather plant, is used both in broom making for sweeping gardens and for its health benefits. Some of the known and proven benefits of heather are as follows;

  • Healing the flu or cold diseases caused by seasonal reasons, heather, sweating helps you get rid of the disease. In addition, it also contributes to fever reduction due to sweating.
  • Heather that relieves the pain of people suffering from birth pain, facilitates birth. In addition, it can be consumed as a solution to uterine inflammation or vaginal discharge.
  • The plant, which keeps the working order of the muscles in balance, provides ease of movement.
  • It supports the vein width and makes the heart work more comfortably.
  • One of the alternative treatment options for people with urinary tract infections is heather. Sorghum özgü been known as a diuretic for many years. For this reason, heather will be good for the problems of inability to urinate, pain and aches due to infection.
  • The heather, which is good for kidney stone problems, allows the stone to fall when used regularly. In addition, heather is recommended for those who want to take precautions against diarrhea sorun.
  • Helps treat gout disease. Click to get information about gout disease.
  • Since it is good for prostate problems, it can be used during the treatment of prostate cancer under the supervision of a doctor. Click to get information about prostate cancer.
  • It is good for gonorrhea, increases sexual power.
  • It is helpful in the treatment of rose disease, a skin disease.
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What Are The Side Effects Of Broomstick?

Heather, which özgü no major negative effects, is used for long-term use. low blood pressure is known to cause. The herb, which destabilizes blood pressure because it accelerates blood circulation, should not be consumed for more than a few months.

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The heather consumed with tea or water during the day should not be drunk more than two cups. There may be pain in your drainage system and the possibility of causing excessive water loss. You should be careful not to use the broomstick when your stomach is very hungry. The herb, which increases the speed of your intestines, can make you feel sluggish when used too much.

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