What is gum arabic ?

Obtained from the solidified secretion of various species of the acacia tree, this herb accommodates little or no protein, whereas carbohydrates type the vast majority of its total construction.

Gum arabic is obtained by reducing the bark of acacia bushes referred to as ‘Acacia senegal and acacia seyal’ rising in Africa.

The homeland of this plant, which has a excessive industrial worth, is the Arabian peninsula.

Gum arabic, a pure polysaccharide, was used to make inks, watercolors and paints in Egypt through the Pharaohs.


It is mostly used within the confectionery trade.

Within the manufacturing of clear candies, gum arabic is added to the formulation to stop the crystallization of sucrose (desk sugar) and to enhance the specified structural and mouthfeel properties of the product.

It acts as an emulsifier in fruit or carbonated drinks.

Gum arabic, which is a steady additive with excessive water solubility and steady in acidic atmosphere, prevents precipitation by overlaying cola extract or fruit taste.

It is most well-liked within the beauty trade to stabilize the composition of varied lotions and lotions, to scale back fluidity and to enhance their utility properties.

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As a pure additive, gum arabic has sure advantages:

Cough when it is boiled and consumed with honey and sweetened with bitter herb,

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Gastritis, when pine gum, hazelnut are grinded day by day and paste with honey is used on an empty abdomen with 1 teaspoon.

Belly ache when floor with laurel seeds and made into paste with honey,

It is good for dandruff when it is dissolved in heat water and combined with vinegar and utilized to the hair.

Then again, it additionally has a regulating impact on blood sugar and levels of cholesterol.

It is not beneficial to make use of greater than 1 teaspoon per day.

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