What is gingivitis (gum inflammation)? Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Many of us have a sorun of bleeding gums even though we brush our teeth regularly, use dental floss and have them cleaned by going to the dentist periodically. We see ourselves as the only responsible for this situation, which we think özgü arisen because we do not take good care of our teeth. Yes, teeth without ideal care and caries, gingivitis (gingivitis) or it may bring about bleeding problems. However, in many cases, the main source of this condition is the person’s genetic predisposition or weak immune system.

Lack of adequate oral care as a result of eating and drinking during the day invites many dental and oral diseases. Although gingivitis, one of them, is mostly caused by inadequate oral care, many of them also occur due to hereditary predisposition. Brushing your teeth twice a day and the use of flossing is one of the repeated recommendations by dentists. However, otherwise, dental plaques become inevitable and increasingly threatening gum health.

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Although the main factor that triggers possible inflammation in teeth is not brushing the teeth, low immunity and vitamin C deficiencySituations such as i also cause gingivitis. It is very difficult to diagnose gingivitis by themselves. Gingivitis, which is noticed late and is quite advanced, then causes more serious gum diseases. Now let’s take a look at the underlying factors of gingivitis, how we can prevent it and most importantly, its treatment.

What is gingivitis (gum inflammation)?

While brushing your teeth the appearance of bleeding It is one of the common complaints of many people. This is one of the most important signs that gum health is not going well. In order to talk about a healthy gum, the gums should not be recessed and reddened. In most of the people with gingivitis, gingivitis dental plaque and tartar are available.

However, gingivitis can be seen even in people with complete dental care. Because the main factor underlying gingivitis is genetic predisposition. If the gums are not treated in time, deformation of the gums will cause the gums to recede and shed over time because the teeth cannot find a place to hold.

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What are the causes of gynivitis?

To the sorun of gynecology improper dental care and genetic predisposition Although it is shown as the main cause, gingivitis is frequently seen due to some important diseases. One of these diseases diabetes and thyroid ailments directly affect the health of the gums, causing gingivitis. Also one of the harmful habits cigaret it also triggers gingivitis.

If excessive during the day Tea, coffee Although it is consumed and not enough attention is paid to dental care, gingivitis can be mentioned. On the other hand your hormonal balance During pregnancy, when it is completely changed, women become more prone to gingivitis. One of the biggest enemies of oral health stress and tension Feelings such as gingivitis are shown among the causes of gingivitis.

What are the Symptoms of Gynecology?

One of the most important symptoms for suspecting gynivitis disease, It is the swollen and reddened appearance of the gums. Advanced gingivitis can be diagnosed even when one’s teeth are viewed from the outside. Although mild gingivitis is a common affliction among many people, those with severe diabetes and pregnant women are the target of gingivitis.

Gingivitis is caused by plaque that forms and irritates the gum line. Inflammation, the earliest stage of gum disease, should be noticed immediately and precautions should be taken. Otherwise, it may cause the teeth to recede and fall out immediately afterwards.

If your teeth are bleeding every time you brush, even when you are not brushing, you should see a dentist immediately. At the beginning of the factors that lead to this situation; Although excessive smoking and alcohol use, some hereditary diseases, insufficient care, stress, tension and deficiency of some vitamins in the body may come, another important reason is the formation of tartar between the teeth.

In fact, the formation of tartar or tartar is indirectly attributed to the inadequate oral and dental care. Tartar formation is inevitable in teeth that are not brushed regularly. Dentist Deniz Ünaldırecommends tüm ortaklık the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the teeth in order to prevent the formation of tartar and get a healthier result. Supporting the suggestions of many other experts, Ünaldı said that brushing alone will not be enough, and after this process, dental floss or interface brush recommends the use.

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What are the Ways to Prevent Gynecology?

Gingivitis, which is directly related to nutrition, is a sorun that can be controlled and preventable with proper oral and dental care. Especially every day before going to bed brushing and flossing the teeth It is essential to do a thorough cleaning with. Other than floss interface brush There are very thin brushes that we call.

They can even get into very narrow areas where a düzgüsel toothbrush cannot get into, and can remove food debris between the teeth. In addition, quitting harmful habits such as smoking is among the factors that will reduce the possibility of gingivitis. If you do not have enough time to brush your teeth during the day, from mouthwashes you can carry it and rinse your mouth. Some of the other ways to protect teeth and gums are as follows;

  • Before starting to brush teeth, the toothbrush should never be wetted.
  • A medium-hard toothbrush is recommended for almost everyone.
  • The paste used should be neither too little nor too much. It is enough to not exceed the hazelnut size.
  • The same toothpaste should not be used all the time.
  • The toothbrush should be held at a 45 degree angle to the gum joint and circular movements should be applied. Chewing teeth should be brushed with back and forth movements.
  • After brushing, dental floss, mouthwash or interface brush should be used.
  • Attention should be paid to the diet, vitamins and minerals necessary for the body must be taken.
  • If smoking is used, it should be reduced or at least after drinking it should be ensured that the poison is cleansed from the gums.
  • Apart from the care you do, you should go to the controls periodically and clean the teeth as your dentist suggests.
  • Gingivitis can also occur as a side effect of some medications. Therefore, if you have a regularly used medication, you should take precautions against possible side effects.
  • Mouth sores can also cause gum inflammation. If you have aphthae-like sores in your mouth, you can prevent further problems by intervening immediately.
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What is the Treatment for Gynecology?

Gynecological treatment is usually treated as prescribed by the doctor according to the size of the gingivitis. First of all, which is one of the main causes of gingivitis by cleaning the dental plaque by the dentist, the first stage of treatment is completed. Among gum diseases, gingivitis is the easiest to treat and the first stage of the disease.

After detailed dental cleaning by the doctor, if the teeth have edema-like swelling, These swellings are reduced with the necessary medication. Afterwards, the teeth should be brushed as recommended by the doctor and the dental floss should be used correctly. If you have experienced gingivitis once, even if this treatment process is over, you should be very careful about your teeth in the following periods. Otherwise, you may see your gums bleed and swollen again.

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In the above article, we talked about gingivitis, which is a sorun experienced by many people, the factors that cause it, and most importantly, what should be done to prevent it from occurring. As we mentioned in every article, what is more important than the treatment of the disease is the ways of protection. If a health sorun does not happen to you, you will not have to experience any of the developments after what should be done.

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