What is geophysics ?

The department of physics that research the pure bodily phenomena that have an effect on the earth’s floor and ambiance is referred to as geophysics.

Geophysics makes use of arithmetic and physics in accordance with the legal guidelines of physics, which examines the bodily construction of the earth and different planets, the conduct of the earth, earthquakes, searches for underground assets (water, oil, pure gasoline, mineral deposits, geothermal fields), archaeological and cultural stays, determines the selection of engineering constructions and concrete location. It is a science that gives an understanding of the underground by utilizing geology, investigates by imaging and determines the dynamic conduct of the earth.


Geophysical Science consists of varied strategies developed relying on the totally different bodily parameters of the rocks and earth supplies that make up the earth.

These; seismology, electrical strategies, seismic, electromagnetic strategies, gravity, radiometric strategies, magnetic, geothermic strategies are referred to as.

What is Geophysics #1


In universities in Turkey, schooling is given in Utilized Geophysics, Earthphysics and Seismology Departments.

Lately, the utilization areas of geophysics are growing daily, particularly in floor surveys, oil, pure gasoline and geothermal exploration.


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