What Is Garlic? What Are the Types, Features and Benefits?

The benefits of garlic do not end with counting. Garlic, which is said to be consumed as an antibiotic, protects the body from infections. However, people with stomach disease should consume carefully. Especially reflux It can cause an increase in the sorun. Garlic Building the Egyptian Pyramids It özgü a deep history dating back to ancient processes. Garlic is originally from Central Asia. It özgü been used as a medicine in many cultural regions for many years.

It was consumed in France in the 18th century by mixing it with wine to protect against the plague that caused many deaths. During the First World War, soldiers were allowed to consume garlic to prevent gangrene from the cold. Garlic can be consumed dried or fresh. also garlic oil You can also use it in various ways.

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Those who use it fresh can consume 2 teeth daily, those who use it dried up to 1200 milligrams, and those who use their oil can consume 0.12 ml. Thus, it is possible to benefit from all the benefits of garlic. It is important not to consume excessively. It can cause problems in the stomach.

What Is Garlic?

Garlic, Alliaceae It is a bulbous plant species from the genus Allium. It özgü a very intense fragrance and a harsh taste. Garlic, which is related to onions, leeks and wild onions, does not grow in wild environments in nature. It is obtained by breeding. The best quality garlics are those grown in germanium and selenium-rich soils.

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What are the Types of Garlic?

Garlic özgü different names according to the soil in which it is grown, its taste and smell. Some known garlic varieties are as follows;

  • Kastamonu Garlic: This type of garlic, with a pink-white shell, bitter taste and resistant to winter, is among the most sought-after products in the domestic and foreign markets.
  • Edirne Garlic: It is a tight cap garlic variety with beige or white peel, weight up to 25 grams. It is grown in Thrace and Marmara regions.
  • Balıkesir Garlic: It is a type of garlic with a dirty black shell and loose structure on white. The consumption of this species, which is not very durable, is common.
  • Black Garlic: Black garlic, which is the most cultivated type of garlic in our country, özgü coarse teeth and its taste is quite bitter.
  • Spanish Garlic: This species being very common in our country is generally grown in Europe.

What Are The Characteristics Of Garlic?

Garlic plant can grow between 25 santimetre and 100 santimetre on average. It contains a fragrant oil in the leaf parts, the bulb under the soil and the stems. It özgü a slightly bitter, intense flavor and a strong fragrance. When consumed, the removal of the odor is quite laborious and takes time. There are approximately 20 cloves of garlic in a head of garlic, and the average weight of each garlic grain is 1 gram.

Garlic Production in Turkey

Garlic is mostly connected to Kastamonu province in our country. Stone bridge It is grown in the district. These garlics have a long shelf life and both taste and smell are sharp. Various ways have been tried to grow Taşköprü garlic elsewhere, but the same taste and smell could not be obtained. Most of the garlics grown in this region are given to pharmaceutical companies for antibiotic production.

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What Are the Benefits of Garlic?

Garlic özgü a very important place in the plant world. Lokman Doktor, the subject of legends and believed to live in the Çukurova region, made garlic into the potion of immortality It is known to add. The most important benefits of garlic, which creates a natural antibiotic effect especially in winter months, are as follows;

  • According to researches, garlic, help prevent heart disease is a food. Garlic can reduce arteriosclerosis. With the effect of this, heart attacks and strokes can be prevented.
  • Garlic was given to some people between November and February when they were most ill, according to researches showing that it protects against diseases such as colds, flu and flu. It özgü been found that those who consume garlic suffer from diseases less.
  • In serious diseases such as garlic and cancer that require the body to fight, strengthening the immune system can help. Anti-cancer effects were detected in the tests performed in garlic. In another study, it was determined that those who consume raw or cooked garlic have less cancer. Its effects on colon and stomach cancers are more than other types of cancer.
  • It delays aging by repairing cells.
  • People who have weight gain problems should eat it because it increases appetite.
  • It allows the spilled hair to grow again when it is applied.
  • It lowers blood sugar, is good for diabetes.
  • It özgü been found to support the treatment of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • It provides cleansing of intestines from parasites.
  • It increases sexual power.
  • It supports the development of bones and prevents bone resorption.
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What Are The Side Effects Of Garlic?

Since it triggers the acid rate, it can cause stomach upset. However, it also causes conditions such as bloating and leaving an odor in the mouth. These effects are often seen, if rare side effects; headache, decreased appetite, dizziness and tiredness. The most well-known feature of garlic is that it is a blood thinner. For this reason, especially if it is consumed frequently before the surgery; It may have the effect of making blood clotting difficult.

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In addition, if you are constantly using medication or have a certain disease, you should definitely consume it in consultation with a specialist. Garlic, tuberculosis treatment It may cause changes in the effects of drugs such as birth control pills, blood thinners, especially aspirin. You should not consume garlic too often while using such drugs.

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