What is GAFAM ?

President of the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Workplace, Ali Taha Koç, referred to as the know-how giants a problem with the sentence “The world is greater than GAFAM”. So what is GAFAM?

President of the Presidency’s Digital Transformation Workplace, Ali Taha Koç, mentioned that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan “the world is greater than 5” tailored his phrases to the digital knowledge safety discussions.

Coach, “The world is greater than GAFAM. So Google, Apple, Fb, Amazon, Microsoft. The world is greater than them. Knowledge safety is as necessary and prioritized because the safety of our borders. mentioned.

Declaring that the strategy of adjusting the system is to be home and nationwide, Koç mentioned, “We have to make equivalents of this GAFAM” mentioned.

What is GAFAM #1


In line with the 2020 fiscal years, the annual revenues of those know-how giants have been as follows:

  • Apple $274.5 billion
  • Microsoft $143 billion
  • Amazon $386 billion
  • Google $182.5 billion
  • Fb $86 billion

In line with these outcomes, GAFAM’s whole annual revenues reached 1 trillion 72 billion {dollars} within the 2020 fiscal 12 months calendar.

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