What is futurism

The futurism motion emerged in Italy firstly of the twentieth century.

This motion, which doesn’t belong to a single department of artwork, covers all branches of artwork. Artists exhibiting works of futurism; They’ve appeared within the fields of portray, sculpture, ceramics, music and literature.

Particularly Italian artists have proven nice curiosity within the futurism motion, which is commonly known as the Italian phenomenon.


In futurism, that is, futurism, the artist fully rejects conventional aesthetic perceptions. He argues that the way forward for the world is solely in modernity and goals to separate artwork from its previous judgments.

Artist within the futurism motion, “Face”“Mechanization” and “Urbanized Civilization” It strives to make its ideas a foundation in social life.

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An important representatives of the futurism motion, wherein Italian artists come to the fore, are as follows:

– Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
– Umberto Boccioni
– Carlo Carra
– Luigi Russolo
– Gino Severini
– Giacome Balla
– Antonio Sant’Elia
– Bruno Munari
– Benedetta Cappa

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instance of futuristic structure


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