What is foot and mouth disease

Foot and mouth disease might be seen in all double-hoofed animals, home or wild.

In persistent situations, it causes demise in weak and younger animals.

It is a viral disease that often causes lack of meat, milk and workforce. Animals may be delicate to foot and mouth disease relying on their age and gender.


Foot and mouth disease might be transmitted in some ways.

Animals can turn into contaminated by respiratory within the airborne virus or by consuming water contaminated with foot and mouth virus.

It is additionally transmitted by carriers reminiscent of mice, birds, snakes, turtles, automobiles, instruments, agricultural merchandise.

The virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease doesn’t pose a public well being threat.

It is additionally transmitted within the following methods:

Contact of sick animals with wholesome animals, urine, milk, manure.


This disease has many manifestations in animals.

Listed here are these indicators;

Excessive fever, uninteresting and lifeless eyes, accidents to the mouth, tongue and lips, drooling mouth, chills, tenderness and bubble formation within the gums, lower in milk yield, nail loss in extreme circumstances.

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The primary safety measure in opposition to foot and mouth disease is vaccination. These vaccines are ready in opposition to A, O, Asia 1 and typically A. Iran 96 sorts.

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Calves ought to have their first vaccination when they’re 4 months previous. Then the vaccines ought to be repeated at 8 and 12 months.

Thanks to those vaccines, the immune system of the animal is strengthened and the chance of contracting this disease is decreased.

The usage of antibiotics is additionally a extensively used methodology for the prevention of secondary infections.

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Consideration ought to be paid to the cleansing of the udders, the cleansing of the milking machines and fingers, in addition to the cleansing of the ft of the animals which are milked.

Alternatively, even when this disease leaves everlasting harm in some animals, the animal begins to get better after two weeks.

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