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In Konya, the custom of celebrating oil lamps made by kids on the evening and Regaip Kandili, which connects the primary Thursday of the month of Recep, which is the start of the three months in line with the Hijri calendar, to Friday, is known as ‘Shivlilik’.

On the morning of Regaip Kandili, the start of the three months, an occasion the place kids go from door to door to gather sweets from homes, Shivliness is generally known as the ‘first prayer’ in Konya.

The custom of celebrating Kandil evening, in the course of the Ottoman Empire interval, Sultan II. It is a practice that has continued since Selim (1566-1574).

Every week earlier than the oil lamp, the kids exit at evening to announce that at the present time will come, by strolling across the neighborhood with drums, flutes and lanterns.

The kid who takes his lantern goes out into the road and hangs his lantern on the rope stretched in the midst of the street.

All retailers are embellished with colourful paper lanterns known as massive and small watermelons, drums, creepers, tails, and candles.

Kids kind a circle across the hearth and be part of the lantern procession.


On the morning of the evening of Regaip, the kids, who took a bag of their fingers, entered inside with out knocking on the doorways.Shivli sivli puffed, Early riser baked, Two muffins and a pastry, We want prayer. shivliiiiiiiok...” he shouts.

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The owner distributes raisins, chickpeas, figs, oleasters, and sweets to the kids.

On the identical day, in many homes, dough is comprised of yeast dough fried in oil and positioned between phyllo dough. Flour halva made with molasses will also be added to this. Pies are distributed to neighbors.

On that day, males gentle candles within the neighborhood mosque.

Graves are visited between the afternoon and night prayers, and mawlids are learn in mosques in the course of the evening prayer.

On the day of Shivliness, household elders, neighbors and kinfolk are visited and “blessed prayer” is wished. Throughout these visits, first meals, then snacks and fruits are served.

It is a practice wherein kids are remembered and completely satisfied, and the sentiments of unity and togetherness are strengthened.

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